Justine Bateman- A Supportive Mother & a Loving Wife

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Justine Bateman- A Supportive Mother & a Loving Wife

The famous American writer, director, and producer Justine Bateman is known for her work in 'Desperate Housewives' and many more. 

At age 56, Bateman has achieved much in her professional career, and simultaneously life has awarded her with a happy family consisting of a loving husband and her children. 

Justine's masterly work is hard to top, and her loving and happy family is gratifying in every which way. 

Justine Bateman's Family- Husband and Children 

The 'Family Ties' actress's professional life spans over four decades now, and she has just gone from strength to strength through the years, aging fine like wine. 

Her married life, too, is long-spanning that has lasted for two decades now.

She tied the knot with her husband, Mark Fluent, in 2001, and they have stuck through each other through thick and thin. Rain or shine, these love birds will probably be together for a lifetime. 

There is not much information regarding their wedding, but the two married in January of 2001. Her husband is a real-estate developer

The two first met during high school. And it turns out the actress and her husband are high-school sweethearts, but the actress revealed that they decided to begin a family together later in life.

Justine Bateman with Her Husband

Justine Bateman with Her Husband (Source Idol Persona)

She also called her husband a really smart businessman and revealed that he has also produced a couple of movies. 

The two shared a family with their two children, son Duke Kenneth Fluent and daughter Ginette Fluent. 

Bateman, who was not very fond of acting at first, has her share of opinions on her children's career choices, and she seems to be supportive of whatever career path they choose in their life. 

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A Supportive Parent 

Justine Bateman is the daughter of Kent, who was a producer and director, and her mother, Victoria, was a flight attendant. 

Despite having a movie background, she wasn't ecstatic with the idea of acting. It was her mother who told her to try, which she did. 

"I said, 'OK,' so I auditioned for his agent and then I did two commercials and the pilot for 'Family Ties' within two months. Now I know what it was like. In the beginning I didn't know what the odds were," She shared. 

And the rest, as we all know, is history.

She never looked back, and her brother, Jason, also followed in her footsteps and became an actor. 

As a parent of two children, it seems like Bateman sees why her mother pushed her to go into acting. 

And now, she is supportive of her children ever wanting to join the industry. However, Bateman also thinks of keeping the choices open. 

She thinks there are many other choices in the world regarding the profession.

She shared, "It’s best to be familiar with as many sectors of the working world as you can be so you’ll be better at your creative job anyway."

Although the actress shared how she might not encourage it right away, she will still do whatever she can if that is what her children wish to be. 

Whatever her children choose as a career path, with a mother like Justine guiding them, they are sure to excel and prosper.