Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs's Secretive Life with Wife & Gorgeous Daughters!

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Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs's Secretive Life with Wife & Gorgeous Daughters!

Carrying a vast array of talent like many, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobos has experienced a successful run in his over four-decade-old career. 

While his career is the most talked about and glorious aspect of his life, his personal life with his wife is no less. 

Sure, it is not talked about as much or not known about, but he shares quite an abundance of happiness in his personal life. 

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs's Wife

The American actor/ singer (yes, he sings!) is adept in anything he does. 

From appearing in numerous TV series to having credits in big banner movie projects, Lawrence has tasted delicious fame and fortune from up-close. 

But overall, over the years of being active in his industry, he has sort of guarded his personal life, which in turn is not as up-close. 

However, Yes! The 68-year-old actor has a wife, but he has very swiftly and calmly kept that aspect of his life under the rugs. 

There is nothing much known about his life with his wife other than ... well, other than he has a wife. 

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As symbiotic as the relationship of the media and a public figure is, it can be daunting trying to constantly maintain your distance while the other party is always keen on your personal life. 

Thus, Jacob does let loose at times. He does let himself be photographed with his family. For example, some time ago, he was seen hiking with his two daughters in Run Canyon, Los Angeles. 

The dad of two seems pretty close to his two daughters, and well, is it necessary for us to point out how stunning they are?

Lawrence Hilton Jacobs With His Daughters

Lawrence Hilton Jacobs With His Daughters (Source- Pinterest)

Absolute Beauties!

Also, while talking to Closer Weekly, Jacobs talked a bit about his family where he mentioned that he has fours grandchildren, and family means a lot to him.

Well, it really seems so, considering how little he lets the world know about his family life. 

Moving on, Lawrence might not have ever brought his life forward, but he was worked in the Broadway, 'I Love My Wife.'

Well, if that was to showcase his love for his wife or just a role, it might not be a shocker to know that his married life is quite content. 

After all, not knowing anything is at times knowing it all. 

Hey, did that make sense? Do our writers ever make sense? 

Back to the 'Claudine' star, his personal life might not be an open book, but his professional front is in the public domain. 

More On Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs 

Born in New York, Lawrence grew up with either other siblings. Fairly early in the day, he lost his parents. He lost his father, Hilton Jacobs, in 2000 and lost his mother, Clothida Jacobs, eight years later. 

But one thing he did do, make his parents witness all the glory of his professional life alongside him. 

He first appeared in 'Claudine' in 1974, and that was a strong stepping block for his further journey.

He went on to play important roles in movies such as 'The Gambler,' 'Cooley High,' 'L.A. Heat' and these are just a few. 

The actor/singer also has a credit on a Rick James album. As of 2020, he was seen in the Television series 'A House Divided' where he played the character of Cameran Sanders, Sr.