Did Lesley Sharp Go Through Weight Loss?

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Did Lesley Sharp Go Through Weight Loss?

The famous English actress Lesley Sharp has been in popular shows like 'Clocking Off' and 'Afterlife.' She has been persistent in the industry since 1986, as a result of which people have seen her career grow and evolve.

Likewise, they have also seen changes in her personal life, such as weight loss and physical appearance.

Surrounded by a doting family and a successful career, both of which keep her quite busy, Sharp still manages her time to govern to her superb figure and everlasting youth.

Lesley Sharp's Weight Loss?

Yep, and question mark because we wonder where this question might have come from, and yes, it is quite a popular question, and Lesley has never had a weight loss, so to say. 

She has always maintained the figure that has only made her look younger by years. 

My hair is fine and fair. It's quite long, which I am pleased about, because I always wanted long hair as a kid, but maybe I am too old for it at 53.

Said the gorgeous Lesley of her appearance in an interview with The GuardianBut we do object, Lesley!

You look perfectly fine no matter what number adds to your age. 

She shared much about how she feels about her appearance in the interview, which was a segment titled, "What I see in the mirror."

The British actress very candidly shared how she sees her birth mum's smile in her eyes and a "funny little bump" on her cheeks that her mother had. 

For those who don't know, Sharp was adopted as a baby and recovered more information on her birth family when she appeared on 'Who Do You Think You Are.'

She also shared how she has a "big nose," which she credited to the genes of her biological father. 

Lesley Sharp's Recent Picture as Shared By Her on Instagram

Lesley Sharp's Recent Picture as Shared By Her on Instagram (Source Instagram)

Regardless of what Sharp thinks of her appearance, we truly believe that she is magnificent and gorgeous in every which way. 

And for any of you thinking she might have undergone plastic surgery, she has never gone through it because this 61-years young actress is not much a fan of any cosmetic surgeries.

 Over the years I've had such issues with the way I look... There comes a point where you just have to get on with what you've got. 

She said of her appearance in a separate interview with Belfast Telegraph. "But as you get older I think you just go, 'Actually it's fine'," she added. 


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So, let's come back to what we are really here for understanding- how she maintains her figure, right?

Well, it's pretty simple. Swimming, 

Lesley loves swimming, the secret elixir that has nurtured her charisma and charm. And let us tell you, she is not at all into strict diets.

As a matter of fact, the actress loves to indulge in ice cream while watching 'The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills.' 

Further sharing more things about her life, she shared how her happy place is by the water.

Lesley finds swimming outdoors "incredibly calming." Moreover, sharing her love for swimming, she added, "In my mind the sun will be shining, I'll be swimming, and there are a group of friends on the shore."

So there you go, peeps. Swimming seems to be the reason for the actress's youthful charm. 

Although the actress might not have had a weight loss, her castmate of Three Girls, Lisa Riley, did have quite an impressive weight loss. 

Her weight loss story is inspiring, resulting in a massive 12 stone weight loss after changing her diet and lifestyle. 

Although we might not have much on Lesley Sharp's weight transformation, we sure do have many stories as such that would interest you. 

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