Inside Scoop on Lily Travers's Life- Married or Single?

By Riya Karmacharya | On:
Inside Scoop on Lily Travers's Life- Married or Single?

'Victoria' star Lily Travers is a British actress who's steadily on the rise to fame. She began her career in the industry a few years ago but already has impressive credits under her name. 

As she is gaining more and more recognition, people are curious to know if she's married, has a boyfriend, and other details about the Lily off-screen. 

Is Lily Travers Married?

Although Lily's name has spread across the entertainment industry and she's a well-known star, her personal life is yet to get on that ride. 

Lily has kept details about her personal and dating life super private. For example, she has not disclosed if she's married or dating anyone, nor has she mentioned any future prospects.

So, Lily is either single now or doing a really good job at keeping her relationship private. 

For the time being, viewers can enjoy her on-screen chemistry with Nicholas Audsley and David Burnett instead in the show Victoria. She plays the role of a married woman who has an adulterous relationship with another man. 

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Nicholas plays her husband, whereas David appears as her love interest.  

Similarly, she has appeared in other movies and shows as well, but it hasn't been long since she got her big break.

Amidst the hustle and busy schedule, Travers might not have found the time to settle down and get married yet. But, not to worry about it since Lily has just reached the age of 31, and she has plenty of time left to find the right guy for her and get married. 

For now, her career is what's important. Moreover, she comes from a family of actors and filmmakers, so she does have the responsibility to carry on their name as well.

Lili Travers' Parents

Lily was born in 1990 to her parents, father Will Travers and mother William Travers. The surname Travers is a pretty famous one, and her grandparents are to thank for it.

Her grandparents are Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna. Virginia is a famous actress from the 50s and 60s, whereas Bill was an actor and director.

Lily Trevor with Her Father and Grandmother

Lily Trevor with Her Father and Grandmother (Source: Dailymail)

They have been a part of many popular British movies back in the day and are still recognized for their works. Besides their contribution to the film industry, they are also known for their philanthropic works.

Lily's grandparents are the founders of the 'Born Free Foundation,' which works to conserve endangered animals. 

Lovers of nature and animals, her grandparents would take her along on their trips to Africa to see wildlife at its finest form since she was a baby. 

Moreover, she learned much about the movie industry from her family, but she also learned compassion and kindness from her grandmother. Lily stated,

My grandmother taught me so much about being a better person. I’m glad to have been able to learn from her experiences.

But of course, the actress standing at the height of 5'5" gained knowledge with her own dedication too.

"My gran taught me to always act with integrity. I know that I’ve been very privileged to be part of such an amazing family, but I really want to do it my own way. I don’t want to ride the back of someone else’s wave," she shared.

She has earned a handsome net worth from her career as well, but a definite number has not been disclosed. 

Now, her father looks over the foundation, and she plans to work for the betterment of society in any way she can, along with her career, just like her family.