Who is Margo Martindale's Husband?

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Who is Margo Martindale's Husband?

The Emmy award winner, Margo Martindale, has peaked the heights of success with her colossal career.

Moreover, the brilliance she flaunts on television, film, and stage in the form of her craft has garnered her millions of admirers throughout the years.  Her commitment and dedication to her craft reflect on her work.

Likewise, the same commitment also goes in her personal life, evident through her decades-long marriage with her beloved husband, with whom she shares a beautiful daughter.   

Margo Martindale’s Husband and Daughter

Martindale is one of those actresses who have the finest stories to narrate about her journey so far.

Whenever she thinks about her good old days, she dives into nostalgia.

She defines how her imagination alone has led her to a path she never assumed to pave.

As a little girl, she has a vivid memory of how she brought her vision to life in the backyard in her reminiscences. 

Martindale sometimes becomes a hairdresser, head of an orphanage, and sometimes a meanie who is mean to everyone.

However, she became everything she once aspired to become in her backyard.

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Today, she is one of those legendary actresses who has shifted from living in the backyard to residing above the eyes of millions of her fans.

Martindale has a fan count of millions, but nobody beats her husband and daughter when it comes to being the number one fan.

Her husband, Bill Boals, has immense love for his lovely wife. In an interview, when Martindale was asked about her spouse, with a bright spark on her face, she replied, "He makes me laugh; he's ridiculous. For 31 years, he's made me laugh."

Margo Martindale alongside her husband Bill Boals

Margo Martindale alongside her husband, Bill Boals (Image Source: Instagram)

The couple has been living a love story many youngsters crave for.

Apart from having a spouse who binds her safely in his arms, she also has a beautiful daughter who adds a meaningful essence into the couple’s lives.

Martindale puts her family first over everything.

To her, clubs bars don’t value a penny. All she wants is to spend quality time with her husband and daughter. 

Her grown-up child has also come across the love of her life, her boyfriend. Also, she posts many pictures of her and her boyfriend on her social media handle. 

Alongside her nuclear, beautiful yet supportive family, she garners a hefty net worth of millions. According to Celebrity Net WorthMartindale has over four million dollars worth of net worth. 

Apart from the earnings she garners from TV shows, her movies also do pretty well at the box office, summing up her impressive net worth. With her persistence and consistency in Hollywood, she has reached heights of success today.

Some of her remarkable works include 'Million Dollar Baby,' 'Orphan,' 'dead man Walking,' and so on. 

She has an ocean full of achievements today, while her craft only gets better and better. Yet, Martindale has kept her essence, brightness, and vigor intact to this date, which never dulls the spark the viewers have for her.