Orianthi & Her Boyfriend Parted Ways- But Still Together

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Orianthi & Her Boyfriend Parted Ways-  But Still Together

The talented singer Orianthi is a name that has been professionally associated with names such as Michael Jackson and Alice Cooper. 

Named one of Elle's 12 Greatest Female Electric Guitarists, her talent is truly one of a kind. 

She has sailed through life alone as she does not have a husband or a love interest. But she did have a boyfriend, who could be her potential husband if they had not split back in 2018. 

Who was Orianthi's Potential Husband?

We are quite sure that his beautiful and talented singer does not need anyone to fulfill her life, as she is self-sufficient. 

However, there was a time in her life when love was in full bloom. She was in a relationship with Richie Sambora, another singer. 

The two first met each other back in 2013 in Hawaii, and things were all smooth sailing from there until 2018. 

So what happened?

Well, by the looks of it, it was a mutual decision. The Australian guitarist and her potential husband were together from 2014 and performed together in the RSO. 

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During the split announcement, the two assured their fans that their professional collaboration was as healthy and happy and thanked their fans for all the love they showered.

Although their fans' anticipation of seeing them as husband and wife shattered, their musical association has not disappointed their admirers. 

We love and support each other but are taking the summer off to focus on family and other endeavours.

Said the two in an official statement put out by TMZ. The two further added, 

We will regroup in the near future with our music. Peace and love to you all and thank you for your continued support.

They might have ended their romantic relationship, but they did not end their professional collaboration. 

Richie Sambora and Orianthi During an HBO Event

Richie Sambora and Orianthi During an HBO Event (Source: DaiyMail)

They have collaborated and released two songs together so far. Although the Australian singer never had a husband in her life, it was not a priority for her by the looks of it. 

Her music has always been her passion, and it is something she has always put her whole heart into. In return, her musical career has given her a massive fortune ranking her net worth to be one hefty sum. 

Orianthi's Net Worth

The Australian musician has been in the industry since the late '90s.

She gained prominence in the music industry as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter who rehearsed with Michael Jackson back in 2009 to prepare his This Is It concert. 

She also performed alongside Alice Cooper when she was on tour with her band. 

The singer-songwriter put out her debut single back in 2009, 'According to You,' which peaked at top 10 numbers in Japan and Australia and was No. 17 in the US. 

She has earned a lot of respect and much notability as a female guitarist, and her talent is truly rare to witness. 

She is a woman with a lot of arrows on her quiver. From a vocalist to the singer to a songwriter and guitarist, every success that the musician has gotten in her life is truly well deserved. 

She has earned heavily from the sales of her songs and tours and her songwriting as well. 

Although the exact figure of her net worth is not known, it won't be much to speculate that she has earned a fortune that ranks her net worth to the list of millions.