Mike Love Finally Found the One for Him

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Mike Love Finally Found the One for Him

Mike Love, a very famous American singer and songwriter, is a renowned name in rock music with his presence in the industry for over six decades now. 

From Mike's hit records such as 'Fun, Fun, Fun' and 'California Girls,' he has been celebrated by generations for his outstanding vocals.

While his professional life has been at an all-time high, his personal life has seen its ups and downs. Although Love shares a happy life with his current spouse, the journey of his love life hasn't been easy. 

Let's say he has seen it all, betrayal, heartbreak, and many more. 

All on Mike Love's Spouse & Children 

Mike has been married to his current spouse, with whom he shared two children. He married his spouse, Jacqueline Piesen, back in 1994, and they have been together ever since. 

After being with someone for almost three decades now, it is safe to say that his marriage with Jacqueline is a success. However, this was his fifth shot at marriage. 

Yes, Mike has been married four times before, and this is his fifth marriage. He is a father of eight children. 

Mike was first married to his first wife, Francie St. Martin, in 1961, but the marriage lasted just two years, and they ended their relationship in 1963. 

He eventually found love in his second wife, Suzanne Belcher, and tied the knot in 1965. However, this marriage was more than complicated. 

Mike Love with His Spouse

Mike Love with His Spouse (Source Instagram)

During their divorce proceedings, it was revealed that the separation resulted from an affair between his wife and his cousin, Dennis.

Mike then married his third spouse, Tamara Fitch, in 1971. This marriage lasted for six years, and they eventually divorced in 1977. 

Then came his fourth marriage, which lasted from 1981 to 1984. 

He had a total of six kids from his four marriages.

His kids' names are Shawn Marie Love, Ambha Love, Brian Edward Alan Love, Hayleigh Love, Summer Love, Melinda Love, Christian Love, and Teresa Love.

Mike now lives a very happy life along with his current spouse and children.

Surely Mike did have his share of issues in his marriage, but the best part of it all was that he never stopped searching for true love, and eventually, he found it in his current wife, Piesen. 

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A Happy Life 

Mike Love now shares moments and memories of his happy life with his social media followers.

He often takes to his social media to share beautiful moments with his wife and expresses his love for her.

For example, on the occasion of Valentine's day this year (2022), he took to his Instagram account to share a very sweet and beautiful picture with his wife and wrote, 

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! Make LOVE the center of your life today and every day.

There really is no age for romance. Mike feels lucky to have his wife in his life and is hesitant to flaunt his love for her.

This adorable couple has lasted a long time now, and their love and romance are still as fresh as new.

We wish for these to be united as they are for years to come and hope they get to share more love and light with each other.