Nina Arianda's Love Life - Is She Married?

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Nina Arianda's Love Life - Is She Married?

Tony Award-winning actress Nina Arianda's out-of-par acting skills have always been a treat to witness. Her role as Vivian Vance in the movie 'Being the Ricardos' garnered a lot of love and appreciation for her. 

Her acting abilities range from movies to TV series to plays. And it was her brilliant performance in the play 'Venus in Fur' that bagged her the prestigious Tony Awards.

Still active in the industry, Nina has a very secretive personal life as any information on her husband or married life has not been out and open to the public.

But since you are here, we will keep you all updated on this busy actress's personal life.

Does Nina Arianda Have a Husband?

Well, to be precise, we don't really know. In fact, no one does. Nina has been so secretive about her life that she has kept all the details concealed. 

But for all we know, if she had a husband, we would definitely have known. As much easy as it is to hide your dating life, it is equally or harder to hide a literal husband or a partner. 

Nina Arianda with Bradley Cooper

Nina Arianda with Bradley Cooper (Source Daily Mail)

So, Nina probably does not have a husband, but we are unaware of her dating life as of now. However, she has had her share of married life on the screens. 

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She has played the role of Stan Laurel's wife, Ida Kitaeva Laurel, in the series 'Stan & Ollie.' She also played the role of actor J.K Simmons's wife. 

Moreover, she has also played the role of wife to the actor Will Graham in season 3 of 'Hannibal.' 

Although she might not have been married in real life, she has done a splendid job of portraying a loving wife.

Arianda might have said no to married life, but we are sure she will be a wonderful wife to her husband if she ever decides to get married. 

More on Nina Arianda's Family

The Tony Award-winning actress was born on September 18, 1984, to her father, Peter Matijcio, and her mother, Lesia Matijcio. 

Her parents were Ukrainian immigrants who moved to Germany. She is the only child of her parents. 

Her mother is a visual artist, and her father is an artist of life. Yep, that was what she said when asked about her family in an interview with Interview Magazine.

She was asked if she came from a family of artists, and Nina's response was, "Yes, my mother is a visual artist and my father is an artist of life."

She further shared how she felt blessed to have parents who supported her in becoming an actress and that she will always be grateful. 

Talking about their support, she said, "I think that I was blessed enough to have parents who saw it as something that there was no argument about. For that, I will always be grateful."

We are also equally grateful for her journey in the entertainment industry because a talent like Nina should be seen on screen and celebrated for years to come.