Olunike Adeliyi's Happy Life Alongside Daughter & Husband

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Olunike Adeliyi's Happy Life Alongside Daughter & Husband

Canadian actress Olunike Adeliyi is notable for her role in 'Saw 3D,' a 2010 horror film, and her role in 'Flashpoint.' 

Active in the industry since the 2000s, she has appeared in numerous projects ever since, one of her most important being Karal in the series, 'The Expanse.' 

Her appearance was eight episodes long in the series, which was enough to wow the audience with her amazing acting skills and beauty (not to forget). 

Looking into Olunike, one can't stop but wonder what life must be like for her when she is not working, often leading to questions about whether she has a husband or a boyfriend. 

Well, what are we here for if not to answer all of your questions, right?

Does Olunike Adeliyi Have a Husband?

This charming and exhilarating beauty has a husband, and his name is Ragiv Bailey. The two have been married for three years now, and they share a beautiful daughter together. 

This is Adeliyi's second marriage as she was married to her first spouse, Timothy Lockett-Smith, with whom she was married from 2007 to 2009. 

Regardless, the actress and her current husband seem to be going very strong, and Olunike is as open as a book about her life with her beau. 

She shares it all on her social media. Married to a Jamaican chef husband, Olunike enjoys a tasty platter of married life, savoring and enjoying the sweetest juices of marriage. 

There is rarely a moment when Olinike does not share how appreciative she is of her partner and how much her daughters mean to her. 

Olunike Adeliyi with Her Daughter and Husband

Olunike Adeliyi with Her Daughter and Husband (Source Instagram)

Yes, daughters! She has two beautiful daughters who are very dear to the actress, one of whom seems to have followed in her mother's footsteps. 

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Her daughter Alesa is also an actress and has worked in movies such as 'Soul Food' and 'Taste Buds.' 

Adeliyi and her husband seem to have a lot of fun being around each other.

Although their marriage might have its share of fights and disagreements, the two still seem as solid as a rock, and they have been fending well for each other and their children. 

More on Olunike Adeliyi

The Candian actress was born on January 5, 1977, in Brampton, Ontario.

She is of Jamaican-Nigerian descent and later went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to pursue her career in acting. 

She was born to her father, Sunday Adeliyi, and her mother, Roxiana Bell Adeliyi, both of her parents were very hardworking and held prestigious jobs in society. 

Her father was a computer scientist, and her mother was a Jamaican nurse.

Surely her career took a very different approach than her parents, but it turned out perfect for her, as she now enjoys a net worth that ranks in the six-figure range, given her decades-long involvement with the industry.

Adeliyi stands at the height of 5 feet and 6 inches. There is not much known about her childhood, but it seems like she grew up with no siblings and was a single child. 

As of 2021, you can catch the brilliant actress in 'Cinema of Sleep.'