A look at Peter Riegert's Love Life- Who Is His Wife?

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A look at Peter Riegert's Love Life- Who Is His Wife?

Peter Riegert, a renowned director, screenwriter, and actor, has grasped the attention of millions of viewers with his spectacular screenplays and productions. In addition, he has lit up his life with a colossal career and a well-stable family life.

 Apart from leading a successful career path with flourishment, his wife and family have indulged his life with vibrant colors of joy and delight.

Peter Riegert’s Wife

Peter, whose life stories are inspirational and significant, got volumized since the entrance of his wife. 

The woman who showered his life with elegance and virtue, his spouse, Cornelia Read, is a crime novelist.

Just as intriguing as her written stories are, she hasn’t failed to garnish the story of her love life with tremendous happiness and joy. 

Peter Riegert posing his wife Cornelia

Peter Riegert alongside his wife, Cornelia (Image Source: Bio Gossip)

It takes a few heartbreaks for most before gliding into finding a perfect one. Likewise, the husband and wife duo have undergone a few failed past relationships in their lives. 

Starting with Peter's spouse, Cornelia, she was previously married before tying the knot with Peter. She has not mentioned her former partner's name, but during 2008, a portal mentioned that she had lived in Berkeley, California, with her daughters and husband.

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Although it is not stated how long their relationship existed, her relationship with her mysterious former partner seemed to be short-lived. And, she hasn’t yet disclosed the real reasons behind her ending the relationship.

In addition, her husband, Peter Riegert, has been rumored to have had a history with Bonnie Bedelia and Bette Midler. However, there is no concrete evidence of whether the rumor is true. 

Regardless, it is certain that Peter and his spouse have had their share of past failed relationships. But, their chemistry still shines as bright whenever they make public appearances, proving they are meant to be with each other.  

However, not much regarding their family life and children are out. 

Before sharing the wedding vows in 2019, they were spotted multiple times at several public events.

For instance, they were seen attending an event in New York City back in 2018 where the couple was captured sitting cozily embracing one another. 

Though married at his older age, the American actor is living the happiness of a lifetime. And the pair seem to enjoy their lives away from the public eye.

Neither have they opened up about their current love life generously nor have they revealed anything of their past relationships or children.   

Although we might not get the inside story of their relationship, Peter never misses talking highly of his better half whenever he gets a chance. 

For example, in one of the interviews, he talked about his spouse's brilliance. Moreover, when Peter was asked about his upcoming movie direction, he said he had been going through a book written by his wife, A Field Of Darkness. 

By now, it's pretty sure that he is looking forward to bringing his wife's book portrayed into a movie—however, the question when is anticipated by many.

Nevertheless, Peter and his spouse have kept their relationship intact, with the budding romance.