What Is the Reason Behind Randall Woodfin's Gay Rumors

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The current Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, Randall Woodfin is one charming man. The politician's charm makes people wonder if there is someone in his life to add to his happiness. 
What Is the Reason Behind Randall Woodfin's Gay Rumors

The current Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, Randall Woodfin is one charming man, and the politician's charm often makes people wonder if there is someone in his life to add to his happiness. 

Turns out there might be someone special in his life, but he has been keeping a tight lip about it. 

Randall Woodfin Has a Husband or a Wife?

Well, you might wonder from where the word husband popped from, right? So to say it is not far-fetched, and of course, we are here to spill some beans. 

We don't have a straight answer to this, to be brutally honest. 


But where the husband's speculation (more so gay rumors) might arise is from his involvement and resolution on looking out for the betterment of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

He is quite popular among the community as he is very vocal about sharing his peace of mind when it comes to standing up for LGBQIA+ rights. 

Woodfin also attends the price carnivals and is open to providing a speech whenever necessary. For someone in such a powerful position, providing voices for the unheard and needy is what Woodfin has done throughout his time in the Mayor's seat, and he continues to do so. 

And well, the same love and support are reciprocated by the community to him. During the mayoral election of August 24, 2021, he was backed by the Human Rights Campaign (PAC), which fully supports the LGBTQIA+ community and works for their welfare. 

 “Woodfin has been a champion for the LGBTQ community, opposing anti-transgender legislation.”

Said the organization of the assistance provided by Woodfin. 

Additionally, he is also a member of the Mayor's LGBTQ Advisory Board. 

Randall Woodfin's Picture Via His Website

Randall Woodfin's Picture Via His Website (Source- Randall Woodfin)

Therefore, all of the speculations do not seem far-fetched. However, we cannot confirm his sexuality on this basis.

So to answer the queries, no, he does not have a husband. For all, we know having a husband might not even be of his interest. 

All we can do is wait and wonder who this charming man will introduce to the world as his 'forever one.'

But as there are gay rumors, another side to his personal life counters the rumors. He has also been rumored to date women. 

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A piece of news broke out of him dating a woman named Kendra Morris. There is no fire without smoke, so in this scenario, the smoke was Woodfin's Twitter post back on August 25, 2021, where he posted a video of him dancing with the woman. 

The hand-in-hand groovy and romantic dance showed off their chemistry ( and it was sizzling), and the moment this post went up, so did the speculations. 

Sadly, there has been no confirmation to the speculation. Further, he was also seen attending 2018 The Root 100 Gala with a beautiful woman, but again, there was no confirmation!

His family life as of now seems to consist of him only. 

With this, one thing is clear, that he extensively holds on to keep his private life a matter of secret. However, not every aspect of his life is private. Take, an example, his professional career. 

His works and accomplishments towards society are notable and remarkable factors. The 40-year-old has a strong political stance, one which has given with both respect and good fortune. 

Randall Woodfin's Salary 

Woodfin started as a city attorney for Birmingham and later on the president of the Birmingham City School Board and eventually moved his way up to elect on the 2017 mayoral campaign, for which he got immense support from all over. 

He won the election on October 3, 2017. So for someone in a position like him, he surely earns a good sum. 

According to Alabama, he earns a salary of $107,973, which is a lot, however looking into other state mayor's salary's his salary is low.

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Although he seems to be single now, by the looks of it, that aspect of his life seems to be the least of his priority as he is currently occupied on working towards the betterment of his people.