All about Rob Dyrdek's Net Worth & Tattoo

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All about Rob Dyrdek's Net Worth & Tattoo

Rob Dyrdek would fit in the term "polymath" perfectly. Whether it be business, acting, producing, or whatsoever he ensures cent percent effort in every aspect.

A man with thousands of talents garners a million-dollar net worth via his versatility today. In addition, Rob is a source of motivation to many youngsters who aspire to do something in their lives.

Rob Dyrdek's Net Worth

Whenever a question arouses, who is Rob Dyrdek? The answers come in a large quantity. He is an entrepreneur, an actor, producer, former skateboarder, and a reality show personality of MTV's Ridiculousness.

Rob Dyrdek on his reality show, Ridiculousness

Dyrdek on his reality show, Ridiculousness (Image Source: Facebook)

The millionaire has garnered a net worth of over $100 million so far with persistence, dedication, and commitment like no other. Rob's first step taken with enthusiasm was in skateboarding which he got inspired by his sister's boyfriend, Jason.

The thing that Rob found cool was the bandanas Jason had all over his legs and arms. Since then, he started to learn skateboarding from him and got good at it quickly.

This is how skateboarder Rob was formed, who joined this hobby at eleven and got immensely good at it. He says,

"Hard work alone and findings lead towards great success."

By the age of sixteen, his passion grew larger. So Rob dropped out of high school and moved out a mile away from his house to concentrate and explore skateboarding.

By that age, an entrepreneurial mind had started to function in him. Rob came up with a startup of opening up a company, Alien Workshop. The risk was huge enough for a sixteen-year-old to build, but with great risks come great opportunities. A company named Droors Clothing knocked on his door with sponsorship.

While in the sponsorship, he also made millions with sneakers he wore to promote the brand. Unfortunately, after years of working, he left the sponsorship in 2016.

 And again came up with the initiative of Street League Skateboarding. Here, twenty-five professional skateboarders compete for a large sum. This initiative proved to be one of the most successful things in Dyrdek's life that also contributed to his hefty net worth.

While Rob was under sponsorship with DC, he also worked for MTV, flaunting the products of DC. By the time a show that broke records aired which was called Rob and Big. He did not just promote brands but set twenty-one Guinness Book of World Records on the show. But, unfortunately, the show did not go long except for a good two years.

However, a million-dollar net worth holder did not appear on the show. Instead, a talent like no other made his presence there, which showed his fans immense respect for him. Soon after, a show named Fantasy Factory aired, and he signed a deal worth $100 million per episode.

The show was a hit that added charms to Rob's life and whooped his net worth to a different level. Recently, he also has his online store, from where he sums up another million dollars. In addition, he has his brand, Dyrdek Machine, where his merchandise, outfits, and more are sold. 

Just as said, anything he lands his hands on adds value; even the tattoos he has had to carry tremendous worth. 

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Rob Dyrdek's Tattoo & the Reason Behind

Being a celebrity and not having a tattoo is quite uncommon today. Well, in the case of Rob, he got himself a tattoo not because he wanted to, it is because he wanted to promote a brand that had been supporting him for years.

So Rob got a tattoo of the Monster Energy drink. When he talked about this to his parents, they didn't seem happy about it. However, the phone conversation with his parents amidst the tattoo session was hilarious.

Rob Dyrdek's Monster Tattoo

Rob Dyrdek's Monster Energy Ink (Image Source: ratemylink)

Even the brand owner dropped a post of appreciation to Rob and poured their gratitude to him. They captioned,

 "Rob Dyrdek is showed his appreciation to Monster Energy yesterday as he got the Monster Energy logo tattooed on his back! Talk about permanent brand dedication!"

Eventually, nine hours of work set fire on the internet, where everyone found it a topic of gossip. However, Rob had the tattoo removed soon after. The whole thing inspired many youngsters to get themselves a Monster Energy ink.

Also, he discussed this hilarious journey he had on his reality show 'MTV's Ridiculousness.' Rob might have garnered a hefty net worth and recognitions in his life, but he is the most humorous yet humble personality ever.