Who Is the Unidentified Mother of Ryan Bernard's Children?

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Ryan Bernard's net worth is well known considering his show but it fails to show the identity of his wife so who is the mother of Ryan's children exactly?
Who Is the Unidentified Mother of Ryan Bernard's Children?

Ryan Bernard's job is unlike anyone. So it was also unlikely for Netflix to stray away from usual mainstream dramas and venture out to funeral homes. 

Yes! Ryan Bernard is known for the show Buried by the Bernards, a reality comedy series by Netflix

Although Netflix might have made a show out of their business, the day-to-day operations performed on the funeral homes and all the work put out by the family are very much authentic. 

Ryan Bernard's Net Worth 

Little did people know that it would be such a massive hit when Netflix approached a family that ran a funeral home in Memphis to make a show out of how they operated their establishment. 

The R. Bernard Funeral Services opened was opened in 2017 in Memphis, Tennessee. Their show was not just approached out of the blue by the production company; as the Bernard family had already set a name for their funeral service by their viral and hilarious marketing campaigns for the funeral home. 

Trailer For Buried By The Bernards

The show is comedic relief that was shot during the pandemic, and coming to 2021, it has successfully made people find solace in the series, even if it is about funerals. 

The service was founded by Ryan in 2017, and it is run by the elder of the family, Debbie, who is a boss of her own, his uncle, Kevin, and his two daughters Reagan and Deja. 

The reason why the series is so interesting and does not let you feel the heaviness of death and sorrow around is due to the way the family works together. 

Each member has their own unique quality that makes each shot interesting. In addition, the professionalism maintained by the family while making the viewers laugh unknowingly is a treat to watch. 

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The family has earned well due to their funeral home alone and the way it has been operating so well since its start. And the fact that they got a Netflix show of their own is a perfect cherry on top. 

The show has undoubtedly boosted their service thousand folds, and it is of certainty that Ryan Bernard now stands at a net worth ranking him on the list of millionaires. 

Amidst the chaos and beauty of the show, one cannot ignore that Ryan does not mention anything about his wife or the mother of his children. With very little information about his personal life, this has raised curiosity among his fans and viewers. 

Who Is Ryan Bernards Wife?

Ryan has two daughters, Reagan and Deja, who are equal times members of his funeral service. 

They joined the service to continue their fathers legacy. However, any details of the two lady's mother are not evident anywhere. 

Therefore, there is no clue of who Bernard's wife is or if he even had a wife. However, it has been reported that his two daughters are from two different women he was in a relationship with. 

The younger daughter, Raegan, reflected on the OprahMag on how she felt to know that she had a sister as the two sisters had to live life without knowing each other during their childhood. She said, 

"I screamed. I always wanted a sister,"

Besides, Reagan also has an older brother. 

The daughters, like their father, are very passionate about the funeral service, but they also have their own pound cake business. 

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Reagen is pursuing a degree in nursing at the University of Memphis, and Deja plans to pursue a degree in journalism. 

Deja also has her own separate life that she shares with her boyfriend, Darren, and two children. 

Ryan's Daughter With His Grandchildren

Ryan's Daughter With His Grandchildren (Source Instagram)

Likewise, Raegan also has her own separate business named Ralai By Raegan, where she sells homemade soy candles. 

By the looks of it, Ryan has taught his daughters well and has made them capable enough to branch out on their own while sticking to his business and supporting it.