Sabre Norris's Personal Life And Struggle With Health

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Sabre Norris who is known for being a skateboarder has achieved much at a young age and she recently also answered questions about her having a boyfriend
Sabre Norris's Personal Life And Struggle With Health

Famously known for being a Skateboarder, the Australian YouTube star Sabre Norris's fame got a boost when she made the history of landing a 540 on a half pipe. 

Garnering significant attention at such a young age, she has been subjected to many questions from her fans regarding her personal life. 

Sabre Norris's Boyfriend 

Initially known as the daughter of Justin Norris, who is a national-level Australian swimmer, Sabre gradually made her own name in the media industry at a very young age. 

Her fame has brought along a great deal of respect and fans, and likewise, it has also brought along questions regarding her relationships. 

However, a YouTube video does tend to reveal her relationship status. Sabre is also famous on TikTok and one of the accounts named NNT posted one of her TikTok where she goes on to reveal her relationship status. 

As a part of the popular TikTok challenge, she stimulatingly answers and shows things that resonated with the song. In the same TikTok video, she also revealed that her dream job was to be a fashion designer. 

Phew! A skateboarder, social media star, and now a fashion designer. It seems like no one is doing it like the 16-year-old. 

Back to her boyfriend!

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She then addresses whether she is single or in a relationship, and her answer for it was that she was single. Considering her age, that is good news to hear for any parent, isn't it?

Sabre Norris's Talks About Being In A Relationship

Apart from that, Norris has also never been linked with anyone in her life, so it's safe to say that Sabre has been focusing on her life and career, and indeed it seems bright like a sun. 

Norris has undoubtedly made the whole of Australia proud with her achievements and aspiring dream of getting in the Olympics, representing her country. 

However, this young, gifted, and talented individual faces a challenge that makes her journey difficult at times, but all and all, she has been able to power through it and emerge as a winner always. 

Sabre Norris's Battle With Height

"If you've got something wrong with you, you've got to accept it and not hide it."

Born in 2005, 13-year-old Sabre had her fair share of words of wisdom back in 2018 while talking about her condition. Always optimistic and hopeful, Norris, to this day, has kept the same spirit going. 

Since she was 13, she had a goal of representing her country in the Olympics, and despite her medical condition, that, as per her, makes her "put in more hours than anyone else."

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As a child, she has her fair share of fear about having to let go of her dream to skate. 

"I do cry in my bed a lot," she said, "I've got to learn to live with it," and likely this strong individual has done the exact same.

Although fear persists, so has strong support from her family. She shares how she cries in her bed a lot but having a family who is "selfless" and "care about how she feels,"  has made her feel extremely lucky to have them. She further said, 

"I've got good brothers and sisters and they always help me through it and give me a lot of cuddles."

Sabre was diagnosed with Chiari malformation, which means her brain tissue extends to her spinal canal and another symptom of this disease is scoliosis. Sadly, she has been diagnosed with it as well.

But as we all know, this strong girl will surely defeat all the odds and one day for sure will make an appearance in the Olympics and make people more proud than they already are of her. She will very soon mark her 17th birthday on January 3 in 2022. 

LiveRamp Up extends much power to 16-year-old Sabre and forward our purest blessings for her further career.