Inside Stevie Nicks's Glorious Career And Lesbian Rumors

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Inside Stevie Nicks's Glorious Career And Lesbian Rumors

American singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks is primarily known for her association with Fleetwood Mac as a solo artist. Nicks distinctive soothing voice and gentle personality have managed to grasp a strong fanbase even after her five-decades-over music career.

Nicks's successful career is one that every artist strives to achieve during their lifetime, but very few are gifted ones that actually accomplish the fruits of a successful career.

After 55 years in the industry, Nicks's massive net worth surely makes people rethink their career choices.

Staggering Net Worth Of Stevie Nicks

Nicks started her career in 1966, but she only achieved commercial success in 1975 when she joined the Fleetwood Mac.

Stevie's association with the band was so successful that after her engagement with the band, they became one of the best-selling music acts of all time, which sold over 120 million records worldwide.

The second album of the band named Rumors also became best selling album of all time which was certified 20 times platinum in the US alone.

Stevie Nicks Selfie Through Instagram

Stevie Nicks Selfie Through Instagram (Source- Instagram)

Stevie, now age 73, chose to try her luck as a solo artist at 33 years of age. And well, you guessed it, her first studio album Bella Donna was a massive hit, and it reached multiplatinum status. Since then, she has released eight studio albums alongside seven studio albums with Fleetwood Mac. 

Rolling stone put her in a spot of the "Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll" after her solo album and named her one of the 100 Greatest singers of all time.

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Her powerful vocal abilities and excellent knowledge of music is still unmatched as a region of which it won't be a reach to call her a legend of the industry. Till now, she has garnered eight Grammy Award nominations and two American Music Award nominations.

The band Fleetwood Mac also won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1978 for Rumors.

The Wild Heart singer garners massive revenue from the tours she does, which are to this day full packed. The 73-year-old also has her own merch line, which can be accessed through her shop named Stevienicks.

Nicks is undoubtedly one of the most successful artists to have ever lived.

If you think this statement is a reach, then her net worth will surely change your perception.

From her outstanding album and record sales and side ventures, As per Celebrity Net Worth, Nicks has amassed a staggering net worth of $120 million.

Although being a huge artist, media and tabloids have been more interested in her personal life over the years. Nicks's who has stayed far away from any relationship rumors or relationships in general, is now and then subjected to being lesbian or gay.

However, a few years ago, she did shed some light on the matter that now seems to have shut down all the rumors.

Is Stevie Nicks Lesbian?

‘If I were gay, the second that I knew, I would have said, "OK, everybody, this is how it is, and either you still like me or I don’t care." I think that if you are gay, you just have to say "It’s great!"’

This was the musical legend's reply back in 2014 when she sat in an interview with Out Magazine.

Nicks has always shown her support towards the LGBTQIA+ community, and even on the interview, she addresses how she has never seen gay people different than any other people.

Speaking about the gay people's support on her music, she says,

‘I can’t say that I’m so glad that gay people like my music, because I have never looked at gay people as different from any other people,’

Her reply goes on to show the considerable amount of support she has for the community. Although Nicks at times is speculated to be lesbian, she, however, is not one.

Touching onto the details of her relationship, she was once married to Kim Anderson in 1983, but the two divorced few months after their wedding. Before her marriage to Anderson, she was in two recorded relationships.

First was the male lead singer of Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham, from 1969 to 1976. She was then in a relationship with the founding member of the Eagles, Don Henley, from 1977 to 1978.

Stevie's last recorded relationship was with Joe Walsh, an American Rock Guitarist, from 1983 to 1986.

She does not have any children from any of her relationships, but Stevie explains the reason to be her own decision. She said that she consciously chose not to have children due to the nature of her career. She said,

"My mission maybe wasn't to be a mom and a wife; maybe my particular mission was to write songs to make moms and wives feel better."

Stevie still vigorously strives to provide music to her fans, which is why she has moved away from the relationship and has not been associated with someone until now.

As of 2021, she was supposed to appear on the 2021 Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta, but she canceled her five planned 2021 solo appearances due to the concern of catching COVID-19.

More On Stevie Nicks

Nicks's real name is Stephanie Lynn Nicks, and she was born on May 26, 1948, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Standing at the height of 5 and a half feet, Nicks never cared to ink her body. However, her fans often post pictures of her face tattoos or tattoos related to her career on their bodies.

Like most artists, Nicks also owns a house in Los Angeles. Stevie lives a lavish life inside a house standing in over 7,000 square feet of space which is currently valued at $14.7 million.

She has her own website named Stevienicksoffical, through which her fans can buy tickets for her concert that will be available on October 21 and 25, 2021.