Tommy Thayer's Staggering Net Worth & Newfound Bond

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Tommy Thayer's Staggering Net Worth & Newfound Bond

American musician and songwriter Tommy Thayer is a lead guitarist from the hard rock band Kiss. 

His potent career and tremendous achievement over four decades is truly a majestic feat. 

His glorious career is the reason why he now enjoys a very hefty net worth that now ranks him on the list of multi-millionaires. 

Tommy Thayer's Net Worth 

Over $10 million in assets, such is Thayer's marvelous net worth. His net worth has been accumulated through his career that has touched the heights of success. 

As he grew up listening to The Beatles and 60s pop music, Thayer eventually found a path to walk on when he started his band Black 'n Blue. 

Eventually, Tommy began co-writing songs, and that's how he was exposed to his talent as a songwriter. 

Then in 1994 formed the super successful band Kiss, which garnered him significant attention in the pop world and helped Tommy solidify his name amongst one of the world's top guitarists with a hefty net worth. 

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Thayer's legacy has helped many people break out of their shells and find passion in whatever they do. 

As a passionate guitarist, he later started a website where people could reserve guitars to play for a specified amount

Surely, it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for many and helped him earn some. Back in 2020, he sold his gorgeous and luxurious California Home for a solid price of $2.7 million. 

As of 2022, Thayer sits at an enormous net worth that has now put him on a list of multi-millionaires.

Tommy Thayer on A Tour

Tommy Thayer on A Tour (Source Instagram)

Although he enjoys his hard-earned net worth alongside his family, he also is very generous.

He has a foundation named Thayer Family Foundation which helps and supports the Oregon veterans, military personnel, and many more.

As massive success and fortune followed his life, so did happiness. One in such was a daughter he never even knew existed for over three decades. 

Tommy Thayer's Wife & Family 

Thayer married his former wife Amber Peek in 2006. The two met around 2003 and exchanged vows three years later. 

The two later on separated, but not much is known on the reason behind it; his former wife now runs her private atelier from her home in Los Angeles, California. 

After their separation, Amber was in a relationship with the guitarist of the Toto band, Steve Lukather. 

But his separation from his ex-wife wasn't the end of his happiness. Happiness followed, ten folds greater when he found his 31 years old daughter through DNA around 2020. 

He shared how it all took place in 1989, and he never knew that he had a child, but fortunately, a second cousin of his was in contact with Sierra. 

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He revealed the extremely happy news through his social media. On March 6, 2021, sharing the information among his fans and followers, he wrote,

This is a big one.. I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell everyone. My daughter Sierra and I were blessed to find each other last summer.

On the post that consisted of the father-daughter duo happily smiling in front of the camera, Thayer further wrote how they had been building their relationship and creating a "close bond."

Tommy Thayer Introduces His Daughter to The World

Tommy Introduces His Daughter to The World (Source Instagram)

We know you have a general query of who Sierra's mother is.

Well, we have you covered. Sierra, an Information Systems Technician at the US Navy, posted a picture with her mother while wishing her a happy mothers day. Her beautiful mother's name is Christine Marie. 

While the bond that Tommy and Christine share is quite unknown, we are sure all is well in the family, and all of them have been finding their own pace in his newfound bond.