All You Need to Know about Torian Easterling

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All You Need to Know about Torian Easterling

Torian Easterling is the First Deputy Commissioner and Chief Equity Officer at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. 

He is also known for his extreme focus and campaigns surrounding the vaccination for Covid-19. He has held on to the post of Chief Equity Officer since September of 2020. 

Easterling, a familiar face on the front line, has many enthusiastic about his personal life as well. And questions regarding his wife are among the frequently asked questions about him.

Does Dr. Torian Easterling Have a Wife?

The people of America probably know him by face as he has had a big hand in bringing awareness to people towards the Covid-19 vaccine and urging people to vaccinate.

He truly has done so much for the community, and we will promptly discuss more of his achievements with his short bio. 

But, as much his work has been out in the open, his personal life, on the other hand, has remained concealed, including the information about his wife.

We are not holding onto any secret information, but we might not entirely know who his wife is to state the fact plainly. 

The reason being? He never publicly shares anything about his personal life, and he continues to keep it that way. 

Torian Easterling's Picture As Shared on His Twitter

Torian Easterling's Picture As Shared on His Twitter (Source Twitter)

So and so, we do not even know if he has a wife. But as far as we think, he is not married because information such as having a wife does not go unnoticed. 

And yes, we know your next question. Does Torian have a girlfriend then? And you probably know our answer; we are not sure about this either!

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But as soon as anything picks up, we will be sure to tell you. But this shouldn't have to be the end of your read, there is much more about Easterling that you do not know of, and we would gladly let you know all about it.

Torian Easterling's Bio 

Dr. Torian Easterling served as a senior leader at the Health Department for more than five years, and with the outstanding work he performed during his time, he earned and rewarded himself with the position of Chief Equity Officer. 

He earned a Bachelor of Science from Altlanta (Morehouse College). He then earned a degree in Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School and then a Master in Public Health from Icahn School of Medicine. 

Moreover, he also completed his Family Medicine residency at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. 

He has completed a year as Chief Equity Officer of the department, and he has already done so much to prove his worth to the position. 

Easterling has more time in the position, and with the work, he has done in a year, more time means more good things. 

So, we do not know how the future maps out for Dr. Easterling, but we are definite that we will be updating any important detail of his life as we go. 

Keep being updated with us! You would not want to miss out.