Ben Bishop Gets a Contract Extension Amid Rumors Of Trade! Stats and Recent Games Without Injury The Reason?

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Ben Bishop Gets a Contract Extension Amid Rumors Of Trade! Stats and Recent Games Without Injury The Reason?

NHL gets heated up with the gripping trades every season; for this season, it was the trade of the goaltender of Los Angeles Kings, Ben Bishop. Amidst the rumors of the trades, the Dallas Stars claimed Ben's expiring contract and negotiating rights for a fourth-round pick from the Kings in the 2017 NHL Draft.

The goaltender, who is also known as "Big Ben," undoubtedly is the best goalie in franchise history, but that only applies when he is not injured. Yes, reports say that Ben is prone to injury, as he undergoes several injuries each year. Follow us till the end to know more about significant portions of Ben's life.

A Glance At Big Ben's Career:

Drafted by the St. Louis Blues in the third round (No. 85 overall) of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, Ben made his NHL debut after many years with the Blues against Los Angeles Kings on October 24, 2008.

Ben recently got traded to the Stars by the Kings on May 9 for a fourth-round pick in the 2017 NHL Draft. The 30-year-old hockey player signed a six year $29,500,000 contract with the Stars, which includes a $13,500,000 signing bonus for him.

He will earn a base salary of $4,000,000 and a signing bonus of $3,000,000 while carrying a capital hit of $4,916,667 in 2017-18. The contract ends in the 2022-23 season.

Ben had a .910 save percentage, 2.54 goals-against average in 39 games in the 2016-17 season; while he has a .919 save percentage, 2.32 GAA and 19 shutouts in his NHL career. Moreover, he has finished twice in the top three in Vezina Trophy voting (second in 2015-16 and third in 2013-14).

Ben, who is the tallest goalie NHL has ever seen, is 148-80-25 in 270 games with the Ottawa Senators, Lightning, Kings, and St. Louis Blues.

Caption: Ben Bishop's NHL career stats as per NHL.

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According to Fox Sports, Ben is somewhat injury-prone, as he has often been getting injured. In 2014, just before the playoffs, he sustained a wrist injury that sidelined him through the playoffs.

Again, in 2015, he tore his groin in Game 'Two' of the Stanley Cup Finals and got sidelined for the remaining playoffs.

Last year, Ben strained several ligaments in his ankle in the Eastern Conference Finals playing against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The same year in December, he got sidelined for weeks with a lower-body injury after a match against the Detroit Red Wings.

Fortunately enough, Ben has managed to remain away from injuries since then.

Caption: Ben, leaving the rink with an injury playing against the Detroit (Published on Dec 20, 2016).

Besides being a professional ice hockey player, Ben is a romantic person and is in a loving relationship with Andrea Talmadge.

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However, the couple prefers maintaining a low-key relationship, and it seems like they don't have any plans to rush for the husband-wife relationship any sooner.

Talking about the latest news regarding Ben's career, the Zone Coverage has listed the goalie mask in Top 100 NHL Goalie Masks. His mask, which was prepared for him by a famed mask artist, David Gunnarsson, got the 97th position.

The mask indeed got inspired from the infamous 'Tron' movie, which even glows in the dark.

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