Shared Intimate Relation of Two Legends: Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson

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Shared Intimate Relation of Two Legends: Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson

You can’t come up with the greater name than the greatest Muhammad Ali when it comes to boxing. But who is the other one that ranks second to the legend in the list? Mike Tyson is the nearest Homo Sapien to Ali you can find in the entire world and of course, the history.

Well! How aware are you of the nature of relation these two legendary figures of boxing have been in over the years?

Let’s give a closer look at it.

The Arsenio Hall Show, 1989

In one of many intriguing interviews attended by Muhammad Ali, the host Hall attempt to surprise the star boxer by inviting on board two inspired descendants of his: Sugar Ray Leonard and Mike Tyson.
Ali addressed the young Tyson by yelling, “He’s the real champ, he’s the real champ.” and immediately sent Tyson blushing.

When Hall put forward the most-anticipated question of boxing history, Who would have won if they fought in the ring?”, Ali’s fingers instantly pointed at already awe-struck Tyson. Ali then added that Tyson would have knocked him out even in his prime if the lad could catch the puzzling steps of “dancing master.”

Tyson, on the other hand, was all candid of his idol, ““I’m vain, I know I’m great, but can I tell you something? In this situation every head must bow, every tongue must confess: this is the greatest of all time.”

Tyson’s rift with Floyd Mayweather for Ali’s sake

Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather used to be a great friend initially, but Mike couldn’t spare Floyd when he made the famous assertion that he is the greatest boxer of all-time above Muhammad Ali. Such was Tyson’s respect to his idol that he instantly went berserk over it and commented, “The guy is going around saying he is better than Ali. I don’t want to hear that (expletive).” And he denied making any additional remarks saying, “I try to stay as far away from dirt as possible.” 

Touching Farewell to Ali

When Muhammad Ali lost his battle to Parkinson’s disease aged 74 on 3rd June 2016, tributes showered from every nook. A tender adieu from Tyson topped every other of them. Tyson, who have always derived his inspiration from the very excellent, posted his photograph with Ali along with the narrative caption, “God came to his champion. So much time great one.”

All these sweet events indicate how intimate was the relationship and left us wondering what would have been of the opponents had they competed together as a tag team?