'Long Island Lolita' Amy Fisher: Popularized After Murder, Where is She Now?: Divorced With Husband in 2015

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'Long Island Lolita' Amy Fisher: Popularized After Murder, Where is She Now?: Divorced With Husband in 2015

A rash decision made by Amy Fisher made her a criminal. Amy, who is better known by her nickname ‘Long Island Lolita’ after a murder attempt, was in the headlines for months back then. Where do you think she is today? Learn about her situation now and her journey after the incident.

Attempted Murder:

Back on May 19, 1992, Mary Jo Buttafuoco was living her normal life when somebody knocked on her door. Little did she know that answering the door will alter her entire life? It was Amy Fisher, her husband, Joey’s 17 year-old-mistress on the other side who pulled a gun and shot her in the face. You would think that it would be all over, but miraculously Mary Jo survived the attack and was able to recognize Fisher to bring her Justice.

Caption: A news story on Amy Fisher’s case

Amy was brought to court where she pleaded guilty. She was charged with first-degree assault or attempted murder and sentenced maximum of 15 years of confinement on December 2, 1992. She later was released in 1999 through Parole. Mary Jo’s face was partially paralyzed, and her vision had also been damaged but at the same time, she became famous.

What After Being Released? Married? Husband?

So, where is Amy Fisher now? It turns out that the former criminal has had quite a life after being released from the prison. She was the columnist in Long Island Press for a short while. She married a former New York officer, Louis Bellera in 2003 and had her book, ‘If I Knew Then’ published in 2004. She had two children with him, son, Brett(born in 2001) and , seen her daughter, Ava Rose(in 2005)

Caption: Amy Fisher and Louis Bell saw attending ‘Celbrity Fight Night.'

Fisher had said in January that while she was divorcing her husband, he had sold their sex tape to Red Light District Video but instead of fighting them to take it off she instead accepted the payment. Unexpectedly she became a porn star and had reconciled with hubby, Bellera. She divorced her husband finally in 2015.

Amy Fisher's Short Bio:

Amy Fisher was born on 21st August 1974 in Wantagh, New York to Elliot and Roseann Fisher. Her father was Jewish, and her mother was Italian-American. She used to attend the Kennedy High School in Bellmore, New York until the whole incident. She has an estimated net worth of 100 thousand dollars.