Did Kal Penn Who Is Rumored To Be Gay Really Dated Barack Obama; Only Has A Movie Girlfriend

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Did Kal Penn Who Is Rumored To Be Gay Really Dated Barack Obama; Only Has A Movie Girlfriend

Joined as the Associate Director for the Obama administration, Kal Penn has steadily remained on the surface for his admission and resignation. But during the tenure of working in the territory of White House Kal Penn was alleged to be dating the President of United States Of America, Barack Obama.

But while flipping the dating history of Kal Penn the scenario took a different turn, so, for now, we shall look into the gay rumors and get more details about his wealthy life.

Created Sensation After Caught In The Story Of Dating Obama: 

When the matters get related to the President of the United States of America than any issue related to him would create a buzz in the media especially when the rumor is regarding his sexual orientation. President Obama and Kal Penn relationship surfaced in the news when they alleged to be dating each other. The said news got reported by numerous sources like thetruthseeker.co.uk and the politicalvelcraft.org where the sources openly raised a question on the sexuality of Kal Penn and Obama.

Caption: Obama with Kal Penn during the election campaign in the year 2008

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The sources report Kel to be involved with Obama from the year 2008 when Barack was thoroughly engrossed in his election campaign, and Kel was appointed as the Associate Director for the Obama administration in the public engagement of the White House.

The said relationship got abruptly ended in the year 2009 when Kal moved out from the White House after being sexually harassed. Though the news was hard to believe, the appearance of Obama on the gay cover magazine and supporting the LGBT community adds ignition to the rumor. The Telegraph.co.uk on November 15,  2015, Obama shares the influence made on him by his gay professor at Occidental College, California, where the professor Dr. Lawrence Goldyn encouraged the acknowledge their identity and stand for themselves with full confidence.

While Out Magazine on 10th November 2015, shares the cover picture of the President in the gay cover magazine.

However, no accurate information for Kal getting involved with Obama got identified. If he was dating Obama and both of them were gay than the president would never be married to Michelle Obama and two daughters from his decade-long marriage.It is purely a scam to ruin the image of the President and the famous actor Kal.If they were dating, they would have never skipped from the vulture eye of media or nor from the buzz feed.

Kal Penn Has Dated Men Or Women?

Flipping the calendar back Kal Penn shared a chemistry with Miranda Rae Mayo in the movie “The Girl In The Photographs.” Though he had shared a sizzling chemistry with his on-screen love off the screen, the relationship neither rumored nor sparked out.

However, in the year 2015, Kal shared a picture with his movie girlfriend Miranda Rae Mayo during his Toronto Film Festival.

Besides his, on-screen affair, few pictures with  Italia Ricci designated supervisor in the ABC network has been spotted in his Instagram account on October 6, 2016.


Blocking a scene & shadow-spooning @italiaricci while @adancanto creeps the pic. #DesignatedSurvivor

A photo posted by Kal Penn (@kalpenn) on

The pictures on his Instagram account has raised a suspicion on the relationship between the two, but as nothing got confirmed and as no concrete evidence got obtained thus no allegations can be made on both of them. However, there is a likely possibility for the two be a real good friends or co-workers working on the same network of ABC and took a snap just for the entertainment purpose. Kal is neither married nor dating any women till date.

Kal has never been the rumor for dating any female celebs or female personality. Maybe as he was born in a Gujarati family, he wants to get married as per the family tradition or maybe he has not met the right person eligible to be his better half. So we are hoping the year 2017 bring in more luck and a sweet beautiful wife in the actor's life. 

Count His Degrees And Richness: How Qualified And Generous Is He?

When talking about the education of the actor, Kal Penn double majored in Sociology along with film and graduated from UCLA in the year 2000. But before taking the degree, he was already into the entertainment field and was working in the movie the Express: Aisle to Glory(1998) portraying the role of Jackie Newton. Since the film debut he has given his constant dedication in the entertainment industry and has worked in Cosmopolitian(2003), Man About Town(2006) and The Sisterhood of Night(2014).

In the year 2009, he also worked as the Associate Director of the Obama Administration in the White Office. Despite being politically involved for few years, he again gave a major comeback in the entertainment field. Till date, he has earned the total net worth of $15 million. He will be adding few more to his net worth as he has undertaken major movie projects like The Layover, Going Under and Speech & Debate for the year 2017.