With Multiple Dating Affairs, Did Anabelle Acosta Actually Manage To Have A Boyfriend Or Are Those All Rumors?

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With Multiple Dating Affairs, Did Anabelle Acosta Actually Manage To Have A Boyfriend Or Are Those All Rumors?

Privacy is something that every person wants in their personal life. The majority of the celebrities keep their love life out of the limelight, as they have different personalities on the screen and off-screen.

Strange it may seem, sexy brunette Anabelle Acosta, who is popular for her appearance in ABC’s thriller series Quantico as Natalie Vasquez loves to remain private regarding her love life, while many other celebrities use their personal life and affairs as a publicity stunt.

Single or is dating secretly?

This twenty-nine-year-old actress has won million of hearts with her beauty and acting skills. Anabelle, who has appeared in several TV shows and few independent films, is always noted for maintaining privacy regarding her personal affairs. However, some rumors regarding her affair have surfaced, and she's been linked to several personalities that create confusion regarding her relationship status.

Dating back to January 2014, Anabelle was rumored to be dating Dwayne Johnson, The Rock as they shared a tender kiss on the set of the HBO series Ballers.

Caption: Anabelle Acosta spotted kissing her co-star Dwayne Johnson in January 2014.

Photo Credit: Dailymail

Although they were not a real life couple, but the alleged affair with Dwayne served Anabelle to get a big acting break.

Again in June 2015, Anabelle was linked with “See You Again” rapper Wiz Khalifa.  For more than a month, tabloids tagged Wiz as her new boyfriend after they were spotted together at the movie premiere of “Entourage.” However, it was just a rumor that spread like a bonfire.

Anabelle has always made the headlines because of such rumors. Though she hasn’t opened up about her relationship status, she can be assumed to be dating secretly as she is undoubtedly beautiful and a talented actress.  

Anabelle Acosta’s short-bio

The Ballers actress Anabelle was born February 28, 1987, in Cuba and was raised in New York. She launched her career in the acting field back in 2008, and by this time, she has made notable appearances in numerous television series and films. Her film credits include The Next Hit (2008), We Made This Movie (2012), Construction (2012), Freelancers (2012), and By the Gun (2014). Likewise, some of her popular television series include Quantico (2015-2016), Supernatural (2014), Ballers (2015), and Castle (2014).