'Musically' Star Malu Trevejo Without a Wiki?: Bio of Early Adolescence Age Hottie

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'Musically' Star Malu Trevejo Without a Wiki?: Bio of Early Adolescence Age Hottie

Have you ever wondered how much could be achieved by the time you’re 13? The highest accomplishment you can imagine is to be done with middle school. But look at the young Phenom Malu Trevejo, she is just 13, and she has more followers on her social media accounts than you can imagine.

Malu gained popularity as an ardent Instagram user. Her photos and videos instantly gave her thousands of followers. With the arrival of an app named Musical.Ly, Malu rose to fame. We all know the basic idea of Musical.ly, but if you don’t then, it’s an app that lets you create videos, lip-syncing to your favorite songs and dialogues (Dubsmash mainly).

So in 2014, after the introduction of Musical.ly, a lot of people gained fame. One of the names was of Malu Trevejo who has more than 250k followers. Malu Trevejo, who celebrates her birthday on October 15 was born in 2002 in Cuba. She started gaining popularity just at the age of 13 after posting Musical.Ly videos on her Instagram and Twitter account instantly winning thousands of new fans and followers.


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She posts videos of herself dancing (belly dancing especially) to different songs, and nobody can believe that she is actually 13. The way she presents herself, she looks more like she is 18. 

Nevertheless, she has been able to establish quite a strong fan base for herself, thanks to her social media fame. Since she is an internet sensation, people get curious about her personal life, but unfortunately, she hasn’t shared her bio over any of her social media accounts.

Though there are a few wiki sites providing information about her, they aren't ample if you want all her information. To know her better, you can always follow her on Musical.ly (musically), Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

Because of her unrevealing nature, it is very hard to say whether she has a boyfriend or not, but looking at her pictures and videos and seeing how gorgeous she is, we doubt it that she isn’t in a relationship. But she is just 13 so maybe not, who knows. With all this fame, she is now more focused on her budding career and building an even stronger fan base.

Caption: A compilation of the best Musical.Ly videos by Malu Trevejo.

Malu in Feud with Exes:

Previously, Malu was assumed to be dating fellow Younow streamer Reese who she posted videos with multiple times, and if you were to search for it, you'd find multiple videos from their Livestream where they even kissed! However, Reese and Malu were reported to have a fallout and Malu asserted that Reese threatened to hit her. 

However, Reese tried to clear these accusations from his name and streamed himself on Younow and talked about she lied on her part and even called her 'an attention seeker' to put it mildly. This escalated the feud anymore with further arguments between the two.

Malu responded with a Livestream herself along with her new boyfriend whose name wasn't revealed and put Reese on major blast. The Livestream also included a moment where the two couple made out.

In an ironic sense, however, it seems that her new boyfriend was cheating on her and she shared her remorse in another Livestream. This whole thing is quite a mess, I must confess.

Malu EXPOSED, Beef with Reese Revealed:

When Malu's page got her page deleted she blamed Reese for it and subsequently posted saying, "never trust a cute boy with looks because they can always turn on u" and further posted, "Wow I loved Reese I trusted him with everything, and he does this to me" (lots of people seen it)..." However, Reese made it clear that he had done no such thing and said that Malu was doing it for attention. Despite all that, Reese's accounts were mass reported by Malu's fans and supporters of Reese have grieved about this immature reaction to this incident. 

The following video summarizes the entire incident, and you can check it out yourself to judge about the issue.

Caption: Malu Vs Reese, a summary of the post-breakup incident.