Will Patton Keeps Quiet If He Is Dating Or Is Married Secretly Making Gay Rumors Stronger; Out Of Track Recently?

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Will Patton Keeps Quiet If He Is Dating Or Is Married Secretly Making Gay Rumors Stronger; Out Of Track Recently?

The "Falling Skies”(2011) actor Will Patton has forever kept himself in the limelight for his confined relationship. With the unrevealed marital status at the age of 62, the actor got surrounded by the gay rumors whereas his sudden dismissal has further added fuel to the speculation.

For now, we shall be intervening on the personal life of the actor and get hold of his gay rumors and current whereabouts.

A Secretive Life Surrounded By Gay Rumors, How True?

After giving a power-packed performance in the ”Falling Skies” as Captain Weaver actor Will still hold praises for his characters and his co-stars of the series and further spoke about his commitment to the characters.

Caption: In an interview with the Red Carpet News, Will Patton speaks about his attachment and love for his characters in" Falling Skies" (2015)

On an interview with the usatoday.com, Will talked about Captain Weaver character to be interesting and holding similarities with his real life. He said:

 "One thing about Weaver is that he wears masks and he's very hidden about who he is — which I think makes the moments when he does reveal himself all the more powerful. He's an interesting character that way. To command, he's had to put on this mask of command and maybe not be as nice as people would like him to be or show the kindness that people are expecting."

He further added,

"There always are. I can't do a character unless I find something about my life that corresponds. But he would prefer not to elaborate. Eh, I'd just like to say that there are similarities."

With only the disclosure of his on-screen characters, the actor got surrounded by the speculation of being gay, making them ask several questions on his sexual preference. Through an online portal, his fans answered the question on his sexual orientation by claiming it to be straight, however, Will have not spoken an ounce about his gay gossip which has made the speculation still linger on the air. Whereas Will has never got caught in any awkward positions with any man nor woman. Also, he can be single, or married to any woman; residing his personal life peacefully away from the media reach.

Current Whereabouts, With His Existing Net Worth:

After gaining a new popularity from “Falling Skies,” the actor in the year 2015, got arrested for the DUI in Southern Carolina.  Though his representative gave no further details of the arrest, the actor must have got bailed from the detention for after the arrest he has worked in several movies and television series like American Honey (2016) and The Good Wife (2016). Likewise, his hard work in the acting skill allowed him to accumulate the present net worth of $7 million which will further be added to wealth as he is currently working on movie projects like The Scent of Rain and Lightning (2017) and Megan Leavey (2017).