On-Screen Gay Jake Weary Shares The Same Sexuality In Real Life? Learn If He Has A Girlfriend

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On-Screen Gay Jake Weary Shares The Same Sexuality In Real Life? Learn If He Has A Girlfriend

TNT’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ star Jake Weary is a well-known actor and has been able to cement his place in the industry firmly. He has also played a gay man on one of his projects, but is he a gay in real life too? Or does he have a girlfriend who he is dating and have plans to get married to? Let us find out!

On-screen Gay But Is He A Gay Off-screen As Well?

In one of his famous and successful projects, "Animal Kingdom," Weary portrays Deran, the youngest son of the family who struggles with his sexuality. The show is about a family of criminals fronted by a controlling matriarch, Ellen Barkin, who plays Smurf and has her love-hate relationship with her children. In an interview with the NBC back in 2016, Weary and Jonathan Lisco talked about the show. Getting to the point, the interviewer asked,

 We found out early in the series that Deran is deeply closeted, but it didn't completely take over the story. How did you navigate how you wanted to tell this story?

Replying to that, Jake replied,

 I think there's something about this show that's surprisingly a lot about love. There's so much about family and what kind of relationships each member of the family has with each other and also outside of the family. A lot of the show is very much about staying in the family and keeping it a very exclusive. Every character is supposed to be so exclusive to Smurf and the family business, so I think that's another interesting aspect of it. It's a part of the struggle for Deran, because it's something that he's definitely struggling with that he can't really express to his family. 

Similarly, when the interviewer asked if Smurf, Weary's mother on screen, knows about his sexuality, the executive producer Lisco responded,

All I can say in response to that is we have discussed in the writers' room that she does, and we have discussed that she doesn't, but I think you make a very interesting point. Mothers always know, and if [she] doesn't, why doesn't she? I think that's the question to ask, so if we do go in the direction of her not knowing is it self-denial? Is it suppressing what is right before her? Is there some emotional reason why she's doing that?

Caption: Jake Weary in a sexual relationship with Spencer Treat Clark in the Animal Kingdom (Published on July 25, 2016)

But is he a real life gay? Or does he have a girlfriend in his life to shut all those rumors? Any plans to get married anytime soon?

Well thus, far he has not revealed any crucial information about his sexuality and also, he has not provided much insight into his dating life which is why no major conclusion could be reached about his sexuality or a partner in his life.

So let us wait and see if the actor comes forth and addresses the fans' curiosity on these aspects of his life!

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Jake Weary:

Born on February 14, 1990, in Trenton, NJ, Jake Weary is an American actor who is best known for his role as Kevin, the bully in the Fred TV and film series. He also portrayed the character of Luke in "As the World Turns" and Deran in "Animal Kingdom."

The actor who stands over 5ft 7 inches in height has also achieved a significant amount of success in his career and has resulted in him making a good sum of money. However, Jake is yet to reveal the exact figures of his net worth.

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