After Four Miscarriages, Michele Tafoya got Pregnant at the age of 40: Mother's Sacrifice for Her Baby: Married life, Husband

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After Four Miscarriages, Michele Tafoya got Pregnant at the age of 40: Mother's Sacrifice for Her Baby: Married life, Husband

We just can’t imagine how devastating could it be for a mother to lose her child. All the sorrow, all the guilt of failing to save them even if there was nothing they could do. Today, we are discussing Michele Tafoya's story which is somewhat similar to what we just explained. In her case, there might be sorrow but there is happiness at the end too but first, let’s know something about her and her personal life. Michele Tafoya is known as a reporter for the NBC sports working as a sideline reporter for the Sunday Night Football.

You might know well that Michele Tafoya is a married woman. It is the name of her husband that is not accurately known to the media and other people.

Michele Tafoya is currently married to Mark Vandersall, who is a financial advisor Vandersall & Associates which is a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

The couple got married in the year of 1993 and is still in a strong bond. However, the couple has gone through their share of ups and down. We will explain this further.

Michele and Mark share their parenthood with their two children. They have a son and an adopted daughter. Not sure if you knew or not but Michele had four unsuccessful pregnancy moments. Yes, four miscarriages. At the age of 40, when their hope of having a child of their own started to crumble little by little and when they began to think that adoption was their only choice, Michele got pregnant and delivered their first child who was a baby-boy in the year of 2005.

Having her wish fulfilled was on one side of her life and her career on the other. Unlike every other famous personality, Michele did not hide her struggles of being a mom while handling her career at the same time. When she took a leave of six months for her baby, she said that it was extremely difficult to miss her second season on Monday Night Football and at the same time she was glad to spend the first six months of her son’s life with him. We think any mother can overlook this kind of sacrifices of their uprising career anywhere in-between if it means they can take care of their child a little more.

She also revealed that she suffered an Eating disorder known as Anorexia since she was a child. Here is a video where Michele explains about her experience with her Eating Disorder.

Now, everything is on the right path for the strong lady in this so called male dominant profession. She has already proven that women can have more potential and capability than men and that success doesn’t see any gender.

Michele’s social accounts are all about her profession. We had to look into mark’s Twitter to find out tings about their family.  When we did, these are the things we found.

Here are some of the tweet posts from Mark Vandersall's Twitter account.

Son is a proud junior Fisher:

Spends time with this beautiful little lady:

Oh! They are strong:

Looks like the happy family:

Supports the lady of the house:

Again, love fishing:

Coming from a multiracial ethnicity, Michele shares the American nationality. Having done her Masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, Michele Tafoya worked in major news stations.

Michele started working in CBS Sports in September of 1994. She worked as a host and a reporter on an anthology show that aired on CBS called “CBS Sports Spectacular” and “College basketball” coverage. In the year of 2000, Tafoya joined ABC sports and worked as a reporter for Monday Night Football till 2005. Later in 2006, she joined ESPN as a reporter for ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

After working in some other news channels, Tafoya finally joined NBC Sports on May 4, 2011. Tafoya was positioned as a sideline reporter for NBC Sunday Night Football.