Alberto Rosende Is Dating And His Girlfriend Is Just Too Beautiful; Any Chances They Might Split?

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Alberto Rosende Is Dating And His Girlfriend Is Just Too Beautiful; Any Chances They Might Split?

Everybody knows Alberto Rosende is a ladies man. He has a million of hearts beating for him across the globe, and many women desire to date him.

But sorry ladies, he is not single as he is in an adorable relationship with his beautiful girlfriend. The two are even termed relationship goals and are seen all loved up with each other. But any issues that rose initiating the possibility of their split? Let's find out!

An Adorable Relationship Of Alberto And His Girlfriend:

Alberto Rosende has been dating a beautiful blonde actress named Madison Schreiber. The two started dating back in 2016 and are already termed relationship goals by their fans over on the internet.

The relationship began late last year after Alberto's split from longtime love Amanda Colby Stewart. But moving on from Amanda, Alberto has found new love and happiness in Madison, and the posts they share on social media sites proves the same.



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Moreover, this post on Valentine's day where he also thanks his fans for wishing him on his birthday shows how strong their love is.


Happy Valentines Day @madschreibs #Whyyousoprettythough And thank you to everyone for the Birthday wishes! #24

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Good to know that their love is going strong, but we have seen even the strongest of relationships break down and people often wonder if the same can happen with the relationship between Alberto and Madison.

Well, as of now, the chances are very few are they are head over heel in love with one another, and we too would hate to see them split, right?

Rosende's Preceding Love Life:

Back in 2016, Rosende, who plays fan favorite Simon Lewis in Shadowhunters and his longtime girlfriend, Amanda Colby Stewart called it days for their relationship. The two who dated for nearly three and a half years ended their relationship, and not much was revealed about the demise of their love.

They just stopped posting pictures together and seemingly ended their relationship abruptly.

Affected and Troubled With Cancer!

Back in April of 2013, Alberto was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. But luckily, the following year, he was declared free of Cancer. But still, he has not stopped making people aware of the fatal ailment and is seen to be active in making people help raise the awareness as much as they can.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that time of year again! It is Mustache Movember, a time designated to call attention to Men’s Health Issues such as Testicular Cancer. In April of 2013, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. Immediately I became aware of how little I knew about a disease that affects mainly men in my age group, 15-34 years old. I also realized how lucky I was having caught it extremely early and because of my early detection, now I am able to be here to day, living my dream and sharing this information with you! Over the course of this month, I will be posting facts and tid bits about Testicular Cancer. I ask each of you to help in whatever way you can! If you can grow a mustache, grow one! (if you can’t, don’t worry I can’t grow one either!) If you want to donate to my Movember page, the link is below, please donate! BUT most importantly, get the knowledge out there. CHECK YOUR BALLS!

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Hats off to you, Alberto!

Born on February 14, 1993, in Florida, US, Alberto Rosende is a famous television actor who is best known for being cast as Simon Lewis in "Shadowhunters." He is also equally known for his contributions in "Jahar" and "The Swing of Things."

The success of these projects has helped this actor, who stands over five ft 4 inches in height, gather a lot of fame and name in a fairly younger age and also he has acquired a good sum of money as well. Although he is yet to reveal the exact figures of his net worth, it is expected to be in millions.