Alisha Marie Dating At Age 24? She Did Do a Boyfriend Tag One Time

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Alisha Marie Dating At Age 24? She Did Do a Boyfriend Tag One Time

"Curiosity is the direct incontinency of the spirit."

Moreover, being curious is inevitable, that too when the curiosity is regarding the one we love and admire. American actress and social media star, Alisha Marie who once did a boyfriend tag, has made her fans curious about her love life too.

So, is she dating anyone currently or is busy making youtube videos with her sister Ashley Nichole, who is equally a fan favorite?

Let's read through to know what her personal life upholds.

Is Alisha Marie Dating?

Social media star, Alisha who has let her subscribers and fans know many things about her personal life via her vlogs and other videos, is frequently asked as to whether or not she has a boyfriend in her life,

Alisha communicates with her fans through every social media sites possible, be it YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or others. Back in 2012 Alisha did a boyfriend tag video with a guy named Andrew and posted a picture on Instagram, providing a glimpse to her fans regarding the video. However, the video was later taken down!


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Alisha did post pictures on Instagram mentioning her boyfriend a lot back in 2012.


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Well, she even answered the queries regarding the tenure of her relationship, in June 2010.

However, 2012 was the last year she talked about an actual boyfriend in her life. Later, in August 2015, Alisha cleared the air in a Q/A video, where she expressed that she was single. But, she didn't mention how her previous relationship ended. 

Caption: Alisha stated being single in one of her videos

Published on Aug 15, 2015

Alisha even assured her fans in the video that her fans would know if she will ever have a boyfriend, as he would feature in her video all the time.

More To Know About Alisha Marie:

Alisha who is 24 years of age now was born on April 5, 1993, in California. Alisha is a beauty and fashion guru who owns two YouTube channel, one for her fashion and beauty related uploads and the other one for the vlogs. Two channels combined, she has over 8 million subscribers on Youtube. Alisha's one of the most viewed uploads is named "FUNNY PRANKS!! ROOMMATE WARS!!" which has garnered more than 26 million views.

Caption: Alisha's most viewed videos where she pranks her roommate.

Published on Feb 5, 2017

Moreover, she is equally active on Instagram and snapchat.

Additionally, Alisha who stands at the height of 5' 7'' also has a sister named Ashley Nichole, a fellow YouTuber who frequently features on one another's channel.

Caption: Alisha with her sister, Ashley answering some fans queries.

Published on Jun 2, 2015

Furthermore, Alisha who is quite open to her fans about her personal life hasn't talked much about her parents, 

Hopefully, she will feature her parents in her videos in the days to come.