Allegedly Gay Bobby Campo, Happy With His Married Life: Model Wife?

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Allegedly Gay Bobby Campo, Happy With His Married Life: Model Wife?

The subtly creepy professor of the MTV series 'Scream', Bobby Campo, who has been rumored to be gay, turns out to be happily married.

And to silence the rumors questioning his sexuality, he seems pretty happy being married to his opposite gender, a lady. Here we have listed out a bit of information about his unpublicized wedding, his model wife, and their romantic love story.

Bobby Campo who only started his acting career after debuting in an episode of the series ‘The Vampire Bats’ in 2005, has marched on to cement a recurring role in a TV series (Scream 2015-present) after nearly a decade-long struggle.

Somewhere in between, he appeared in a series, ‘Masters of Sex’, which included a Kissing scene with Finn Wittrock. The scene had sparked the rumors of him being a gay.

Allegedly Gay Star! Already Married? Wife?

But it appears to be just another gossip or grave misunderstanding because the actor is already married.

The 33- years old actor is married to the model Christie Mac Campo, @CampoChristie. Yes, the fact was difficult to digest when we heard that she was his wife and not his girlfriend considering how few people had heard of them dating. But when you review their social networking sites, you may stumble upon a few hard proofs that will prove they are husband and wife.

But still we do not know exactly when they got married, but an Instagram post 68 weeks ago shows pictures of their reported marriage being conducted at a beach somewhere. They are often seen in each other’s Instagram posts as well.

Always and Forever: Happy 'Husband & Wife.'


Christie Campo at your service! #Mrs. @campo_box #alwaysandforever photocred: @eddiedouglas

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Caption: A post-wedding picture of the couple taking a walk. 

Campo Wedding!


@missyballantyne killed it. #campowedding #muchlove @campo_box

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Caption: A few pictures from their wedding.

More on his Wife:

Christine Campo is not only a hair model but also a brand-person for Cocre8. Cocre8 is more of an educational organization than a certain profit-oriented business institution. It aims to provide an entirely different perspective of hair as a part of arts and crafts and to inspire Salon professionals to be more creative.

Love Through Poetry:

Despite this, Christine is also very fond of literature and regularly posts (on her social networking sites) pictures with lines by the greatest writers. In fact, she has her own poetry word press page, where she has written many poems.

One of the poems is titled ‘To My Husband'. The poem is probably a message to Bobby. The poem describes Bobby as the person who helped her get out of a very dark place. She expresses her gratitude to him for appearing in his life and staying by her side.

A day with beloved Pets:

The couple also has two special members in their lives. No, I do not mean children. I mean the two adorable pets they have, a cat named Remy and a dog named Reagan.


Lazy Sunday with the kids. #catdog #rainyday #research

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Caption: Christine Campo with her pets.

John Polito Passes Away:

In Septemeber 2016 news broke out about the death of actor John Politico. The homicide victim was reportedly working alongside Bobby Campo. Apparently, The two were working on an upcoming movie called 'The Maestro'. The production of the movie continued after Politico passed and sources claim that the movie will be released in March 2018.

Bobby Campo Podcast Host:

Bobby Campo has quite an outspoken personality. He loves to share his taste in art and aesthetics and even hosts a talk show where notable Television and movie personalities talk about their experience and viewpoint of art and the importance of art in their culture, lifestyle and more. The aim of the talk show is to 'to realign the function of art with the transcendental other.' It features artists and personalities such as Bex Taylor-Klaus, Carlson Young, and many others. Have a preview here:

Bobby Campo's Short Bio:

Robert Joseph Camposecco was born on 9th March 1983 in Wheeling, West Virginia, US. Bobby was raised in St. Petersburg, Florida and He has graduated from Seminole High School and has also attended Performers Studio Workshop.

Campo started his career as an actor, debuting in the movie Vampire Bats. He started gaining a lot of traction and reputation after taking part in notable Hollywood movies 'Legally Blonde' and 'The Final Destination.'  He previously starred as 'Seth Branson' in the murder mystery series, ‘Scream’ and has worked in TV movies such as Hallmark Channel's My Christian Love and Atomic Shark.

His movie 'The Maestro' is set to be air in Early 2018 and has been heavily advertised as John Politico's final movie.