Allegedly Gay, David Muir Not Yet Dating a Girlfriend? or Married to a Beautiful Wife? Rumored Boyfriend Gio Married in 2016

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Allegedly Gay, David Muir Not Yet Dating a Girlfriend? or Married to a Beautiful Wife? Rumored Boyfriend Gio Married in 2016

Again, here we have another famous television anchor rumored as a gay.

Previously, we talked about Matt Gutman's gay rumors. The rumors were all over the internet, only to be realized as false claims later. 

So, yes, David Muir is being labeled as a gay these days. Let’s find out if there are some evidence that supports this rumor. 

If you had followed him on social media, you would have known that David likes to keep his personal life private. Nobody knows if he has a girlfriend or if he is already a married man.

David Muir's Gay Rumor That Left Us Baffled:

Caption: David Muir and then alleged Gio Benitez.

Source:, 2015

However, there were rumors that David Muir was romantically linked with a fellow journalist and colleague, Gio Benitez. He was said to be dating Gio and was reportedly seen visiting gay bars together with him. 

Anyway, Gio got engaged to his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario on September 17, 2015, and got married later on April 16, 2016. For further info, you can check out our article on Gio’s love life.

Married, Wife or Dating with a Girlfriend?

So here we are with the same conclusion we had when discussing the rumors of Matt Gutman being a gay. The only difference we have here is that Matt Gutman was a married man who was happy with his wife and two children, while David had been known to be in a rumored relationship with Kate Dries, but still with rumors of being a gay.

This story came around after Kate published an article titled, 'Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a 'Monster.' It looks like she was just trying to be sarcastic. Millions of women would love to date him.

Caption: Kate Dries, who referred David by the word "boyfriend" in her article was probably being sarcastic.


Anyway, David hasn't confirmed Kate's rhetoric.

Apparently, the managing editor of Jezebel, Kate, is dating a guy who goes by the Instagram account @sablesma. Here's a lovely picture of the couple.


A video posted by @sablesma on

Caption: Kate with her boyfriend

Do you think that David Muir is actually a gay? Post your valuable answers in the comment section below.

Let's have a look at his professional life and others, via his Instagram account.

Walking with the President.


@barackobama told me - "Change is going to happen and Raul Castro understands that." #cuba

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An interview with Pope Francis.

He had quite the haircut as a kid.


Nat'l Siblings Day. Or my audition for That 70s Show. #tbt #ThrowbackThursday #bowlcut

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The best stylist awards go to David's mom.

David with ABC colleague Kelly Ripa


15 years of making us smile in the morning. Great fun celebrating my friend @kellyripa this am.

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David Muir career highlights

Apart from everything, David himself has been the news of the town because of the hype of the election - he will mark final sprint to Election Day with exclusive interviews. He has interviewed Hillary Clinton on the matter of Donald Trump choking for words while in Mexico.

He also interviewed her requesting her perspective on why her husband and the former President of United States should not resign from his position in Clinton Foundation, querying about her thoughts on possible Russian interference in the election, and asking other important questions on different issues. He also interviewed Trump on matters such as his 'choking for words remark to Hillary', immigration plans, tax returns, etc.

In recent events, David Muir is in the top news as he scored the Television win by drawing 8.276 million viewers for the week of September 26; such large number that the ABC saw 17 years back for the first time when Peter Jenning hosted the show.

The show won the first two weeks of news TV season in 17 years, thanks to David Muir and the team behind it. NBC Nightly News finished the week second with 7.898 million viewers with Lester Holt hosting and CBS Evening News landed on the second position with 6.549 million viewers with Scott Pelley hosting.

However, David Muir was also caught up with all the Presidential election environment and a day later, after Donald Trump won the election and became the 45th President of the United States of America, he sat down with four reporters who followed different presidential candidates from the start and talked about their busy journey that came to a halt in November 8. Ironically, David became 43 years old the night Donald Trump became the president-elect but not sure if he got to properly celebrate as they whole country was focusing on one thing.

David Muir Looks Back on Election 2016 with ABC News' Campaign Digital Journalists on November 9, 2016.

David Muir Interviews President of United States, Donald Trump

After his inauguration as the 45th President of United States, David Muir had the opportunity to interview Donald Trump and the two had a long deep talk and went through a wide range of topics. The summary of the entire interview includes Donald Trump confirming that he is making changes to CIA interrogation techniques as well as their 'Black Site' prisons and even hinted that they would be made much crueler to create positive results. There were other topics of discussion such as Trump's opinion on congressional Republicans huddling with him and what his next plans for the new administration are.

He also defended the 'inflated crowd-size estimates' at his inauguration as well as his assertion that he would have won the popular vote if the illegal votes had not come into play. He then told Muir the following words about the claims that the estimated crowd size at the inauguration was false:

I said the men and women that I was talking to who came out and voted will never be forgotten again.Therefore I won't allow you or other people like you to demean that crowd and to demean the people that came to Washington DC, from faraway places because they like me. But more importantly they like what I'm saying.”

Furthermore, he asserted that the 'Mexica Border Wall Plan' was under way and that he was laying down the groundwork for it.

Caption: David Muir's post-inauguration interview with Donald Trump.

David Muir's Short Bio:

David Muir was born on November 8, 1973, in New York, United States and is currently forty-two years old. David Muir graduated in 1991 from Onondaga Central Junior-Senior High School and later got his magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism in 1995. Muir has also received several Emmys and an Edward R. Murrow for his national as well as international journalism. 

His career took its leap when he started working as an anchor for WTHVH television in New York. Later, he joined ABC News in August of 2003 as an anchor for the overnight news program World News Now.

Currently, David anchors his show, 'ABC World News Tonight with David Muir.’