Ally Maki Doesn't Need A Boyfriend Or A Dating Affair! Her BFF Does It All

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Ally Maki Doesn't Need A Boyfriend Or A Dating Affair! Her BFF Does It All

Ally Maki is one of the few actresses who prefer a circle of good and humble friends to having a boyfriend and manage a dating schedule with him in between her acting career.

She is probably single, as she doesn't seem to have any dating affairs and manages to have all the right times with her best friends.

So, does Ally need no boyfriend, or does maintain a secret relationship with someone and keep him on the low side? Let's take a peek at the actress' life to discover her real story.

Ally And Her Less Popular Love Life:

The Asian American actress, Ally is now of age 31 and has done many television and movie projects. While she is popular with her acting career, she doesn't seem to maintain the same popularity regarding her love relationship.

Ally, in some way, seems to be indulged maintaining friendships after her career.

Ally is moderately famous for being the BFF with Colton Haynes, who is an actor, singer as well as a model. While they love each other's company, they don't hesitate to prove their friendship now and again.

Last year on June 8, 2016, Colton did one of the coolest, yet the sweetest thing to flaunt Ally's importance in his life. He tattooed his best friend's initial next to his on his fingers in honor of National Friendship Day.

Colton even took his picture showing off the tattoos to Instagram.


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Ally also has a soft deep corner reserved for her best friend, Colton and often socializes posts dedicating to him. Moreover, she seems to be good at remembering dates, as she wishes her BFF on his special born day.


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Well, she never steps back in returning a favor, and she addresses her BFF as her "heart" and "sour ride or die" in the post.

Besides Colton, she does have many more friends in her BFF list with whom she often shares her time. A pop singer named Travis Atreo also falls in Ally's BFF list; he seems to be close and share a true friendship with her. Well, we have got evidence, and it's from her Instagram post.

On the auspicious occasion of Valentines Day, the actress took to Instagram to share a picture with Travis and wish him for the day and captioned it calling Travis her love and mentioning that her heart lies within him.


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Undoubtedly, a great bond of friendship!

A Wiki-like Bio Of Ally Maki:

Ally Maki was born on the day of a new year in the year 1983, in Seattle, Washington. She is an American actress, whose ethnicity is Japanese and stands a tall with a height of 5 feet and an inch.

This Asian-American actress is well known for the projects like Geography Club (2013), Step Up 3D (2010) and Wrecked (2016).

Regarding the parents of the actress, she hasn't veil much information about them but still, makes them a part of her posts.

This year on Mother's Day, she took an old picture of her mother and shared it with her fans.


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Previously, she had also posted her father's image to wish him on the Father's Day in the year 2014.


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As of the net worth, the actress makes no any disclosure and still keeps it under the wraps, like the information on her parents and dating affairs.

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