Andrea Russett Starting Dating Affair Again After Ending Once-Blessed Relationship With Former Boyfriend?

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Andrea Russett Starting Dating Affair Again After Ending Once-Blessed Relationship With Former Boyfriend?

Life is long, and our journey is unpredictable. While living our life, we meet different people, and among them, we choose one as our companion to spend our life. Somewhere in between the journey, one can find a perfect partner who can be imperfect for them in the future. But still, life goes on.

No matter how hard times you are going through or how much you are hurt, you still need to move on. Likewise, YouTube star Andrea Russett has been an inspiration to all the people who have just broken up by moving on from her past affair. But has she found love again? Let’s find it out.

Relationship with the former boyfriend.

If you have followed Andrea Russett on social media, you must have known her ex-boyfriend Kian Lawley. They started dating each other since 2013. They even took different social networking sites to flaunt their relationship where they seemed to be enjoying a blissful relationship.

Caption: Andrea Russett with her ex-boyfriend Kian Lawley on her YouTube video named Boyfriend Tag 1.

Though they shared videos saying their relationship is strong, they had a break-up in 2015. Even after the break-up, the posts or videos related to each other were not deleted. Even today when you see Andrea and Kian on Andrea’s YouTube videos, you can find the pair adorable moments together.

In an interview with Pacific Rim Video Press in September 2015, Andrea spoke about her breakup with Kian where she reveals that they ended their relationship with mutual understandings as they both were going separate ways.

Caption: Andrea talking about her separation in an interview with Pacific Rim Video Press in September 2015.

On October 2015, Andrea revealed that she wants people to stop asking about her ex-boyfriend Kian through a video. She even asked them to stop asking her to date Kian again.  

Caption: Andrea’s video where she asks people to stop talking about her ex Kian.

Meanwhile, in 2016, the rumor about Andrea’s patch-up with her ex-Kian was all over tabloids as Kian shared an image of the duo with no captions. Reacting to the comments of the fans, Andrea shared another video saying she is as shocked as her fans and is not getting back with her ex-Kian

Caption: Andrea reacting to her fans comment saying they are not together.

Back to affairs again?

In May 2016, Andrea hinted her new love story while appearing in a live, five-day “Snapchat horror movie” called Sickhouse. Through the movie, she showed us an interesting hot-tub action, party, and smooch. Through her Snapchat, she was seen locking lips with Model Sean O’Donnell.

Caption: Andrea Russett spotted kissing Sean O’Donnell.

Photo credit: Super Fame

Since then, the pair is not spotted together. Neither they have seen being cozy in any of their posts in social media. What do you think? Are they dating secretly or the smooch was just the part of their movie?

Wiki of Andrea Russett.

Internet Personality Andrea was born on June 27, 1995. Twenty-one-year-old beauty, who has started to design clothes for her clothing line called FLAWD Clothing since 2013 has more than two million subscribers and 196 plus million views on her YouTube channel. Standing tall Andrea height is that of five feet two inches, Andrea has been sharing videos on her channel related to her life, relationship, makeup and hair tutorials. Andrea’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.