Antoinette Robertson Wiki: Her Dating Affair, Longtime Boyfriend, Height and Possibly Her Birthday and Age

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Antoinette Robertson Wiki: Her Dating Affair, Longtime Boyfriend, Height and Possibly Her Birthday and Age

"Dear White People" actress  Antoinette Robertson is someone who is beautiful and bold, and she has a lucrative career. But, she has not been the one who loves revealing details about her personal life, not even the most minutes one.

As a result, the fans are more keen to know about what the actress has to put up to in her personal life, which makes them eager to find out more about Robertson. Today in this segment, we will talk about some facts about her life which include her love life, as well as other pivotal information, summed up in her wiki-like bio.

Things You'd Like To Know About Antoinette Robertson:

As we said, Antoinette Robertson is a very mysterious person when it comes to her personal life; she has not revealed anything about her life beyond the cameras.

Kudos to her for maintaining such a tight lip, managing to not give away her age, along with her birthday. Usually, people do tend to keep their age in shadows but often gush about their birthday on social medias. But this is something we can not say about Robertson, as she has kept both of those details in shadows. 

But by the looks of her face and all, she does look too young to be in her 30's. It is a rough assumption, and we are not sure, but we have had actresses who are well past their mid 30's but are still, killing it with their youth. 

Let us wait to see if she reveals anything about her age and her birthday in the days to come.

She, however, has not hidden one thing; her dating relationship with her long run boyfriend, Kamal Jones. She does not hesitate to flaunt her relationship with him on Instagram,

She also has a lot of value for Kamal by the looks of it.

Kamal too has not backed down from showing his love for Robertson, as he has shared some adorable posts on social media sites as well.


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No official date of them beginning to date one another has been made public, but the fans absolutely love the couple and are wondering about their plans of getting married.

However, the duo has not discussed it as of yet, and maybe, there is still some time for Robertson to make Kamal her husband.

We do hope that they tie the knot soon, as they seem very adorable together.

Other Key Details About Antoinette Robertson:

Did you know, Antoinette Robertson is from Jamaica?

She has kept this thing far from the spotlight, but she has often gushed about her love for the country of the island.

She boasts a degree in Chemistry from the famous 'Stony Brook University, ' and she has graduated from the legendary 2-year conservatory at the "William Esper Acting Studio."

Robertson has also appeared in an episode of Donald Grover's "Atlanta."

The actress, who stands over 5ft 8 inches in height, is also an adventure lover and is known to be a big fan of rock climbing.

Quite an exciting lifestyle, huh! 

We do, however, hope that we get to know more about her life, coming straight from her in the days to come.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Antoinette Robertson!