Antonietta Collins Forgetting To Have A Husband Or A Boyfriend Because Of Furious Career? Her Bio To Know It All

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Antonietta Collins Forgetting To Have A Husband Or A Boyfriend Because Of Furious Career? Her Bio To Know It All

Antonietta Collins, the famous bilingual sports reporter who is best known for her work at ESPN, is as beautiful as one can be. She has won over many hearts in her life, and that has also enabled her to acquire many fans around the world.

But her fans mostly wonder if this lady has anyone in her life. So the question remains, does she have a boyfriend? Or is she married?

If you're searching for the answers, you've come to the right place.

Collins Involved With a Boyfriend? Or Busy With the Career?

Someone as beautiful as Collins is sure to have attracted a lot of hearts in her life. However, if you are wondering if she is romantically involved with a boyfriend, the answer might be a "NO" as she has neither been vocal about her love relationships nor revealed anything regarding marriage.

She has always been someone who has kept personal stuff far from the eyes of the media and fans, and that is why she always zips up when it comes to answering questions regarding her dating and romantic life. 

Her not opening up about her love life in front of the people and the media indicates two things. First, she is not willing to open up about her personal life and let people peek inside her life, or second, Collins might just be too focused on her career, thereby finds no time for dating. 

If you stalk her Instagram, you shall be able to see her occupied in her professional obligations and enjoying her time with her close ones. 

Besides loved ones, she also loves being part of awareness campaigns.


@ricojorge we love and admire you & your family so much. We are #JorgeStrong and know we are here for you, we love you and we are the lucky ones for having YOU in our lives . You are a warrior and an inspiration to us.. Estamos contigo hermano!! #Repost @gd_ramirez with @repostapp ??? @antoniettaespn and I are extremely proud to be on team #JorgeStrong because he has a tremendous heart and a great sense of humor; and he represents strength, determination and humility. On the right, you see @ricojorge holding a "survivor" sign after his speech as a nominee for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Man of the Year. Jorge is currently battling cancer... for the second time. Today, his loving mother is on Day 2 of stem cell extraction in preparation for Jorge's bone marrow transplant in just a few hours. ?????What an admirable family! There's no surprise he's an incredible human being who I've had the privilege and honor to know since he was just a kid kicking the soccer ball around with @debbieramirez915 and me on our hometown's soccer fields. He's a soccer coach in #Salinas who's an inspiration to kids and everyone who gets a chance to meet him. Let's send all positive vibes to his mother and him so that the bone marrow transplant is a success. To learn more about our courageous friend/hermano and his fundraising goals, visit #tbt #cancersucks #leukemiaawareness #manoftheyear2017 #inspiration #admiration #familia #familylove #amotherslove

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She remains dedicated to strengthening her career; thereby possibility arises that she has no thoughts about relationships till now.


Dan Dakich is so freaking cool ???? Chocándolas ???????? con el compadre Dakich después de platicar sobre Los Wolverines ...

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Although she has not revealed anything regarding her past dating or her plans about getting married, she might be searching for a perfect husband. Who knows?

A Short Bio of Antonietta Collins:

Born on November 22 of 1985, in Mexico City, Mexico, Antonietta “Toni” Collins is a famous bilingual sports reporter who is best known for her work at ESPN. She had previously spent her professional time with Univision covering the likes of Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, FC Dallas Stars, as well as the NBA and Major League Baseball playoffs. 

She joined the ESPN team back in 2013 as a part of the Digital Media team formed to anchor news and analysis video segments in every sports division for And surprisingly, not many people might know that she was once a part of the Mexican U-19 football team and she spent two years there, all thanks to her dual citizenship. 

She is a graduate of Mount Union College based in Alliance, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Science in Communications, emphasizing in Sports Management which shows that she has got the tricks to the trade. 


Caption: Antonietta Collins is doing what she does best, on ESPN Sportscenter, 3/1/2016.

She is very talent at what she does and is busy pursuing her career with ESPN. 

However, we hope she finds the love of her life soon.