Atz Kilcher, 70, Story With Wife; Accompanied By Children & Net Worth Details

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Atz Kilcher, 70, Story With Wife; Accompanied By Children & Net Worth Details

TV host Atz Kilcher, who is famously known to be the star of Discovery's Alaska: The Last Frontier, has always showcased his Atlanta-based life in the programme. 

But there are more interesting stories of Atz than just his living tricks and tactic that gets showcased in the documentary. He is a twice-married man, who struggles every time to make a living in the harsh winter of Alaska. 

First Wife And Children

Atz Kilcher, who is the oldest of eight siblings, was first married to Lenedra J. Carroll, a singer best known for her albums Daybreak Song and Beyond Words.

The couple together welcomed their first child, a son on 6 May 1971, and named him Shane Kilcher. 

After three years, they welcomed a baby daughter on 23 May 1974 and named her Jewel. Jewel, is also a singer as her mother and is famously known in the 1995's song, "Pieces of You."

Atz Kilcher's first wife Lenedra J. Carroll (right) and daughter Jewel at the launch of Helping Hand (Photo:

Later in 1977, Lenedra again gave birth to her third child, Atz Lee Kilcher Jr. When Atz Jr. was at the age of five, the relationship of Atz and Lenedra weakened. The pair finally filed the divorce in 1982 and parted ways without mentioning the split reasons.

One-time Alcoholic: Daughter Writes 

When Lenedra left Atz with three young children, he got into the habit of drinking alcohols. He also repeated his own father's behavior of being abusive and yelling at children. 

His daughter, Jewel penned all the memories in her book Never Broken - Songs Are Only Half the Story that was published on 15 September 2015.

In the book, Jewel wrote about her hurtful experiences and even disclosed about Atz's disturbing habits. In one of the chapters of the memoir, Jewel wrote that she thought she would die when her father continuously yelled at her and her brothers. 

To get away from such surroundings, Jewel moved on her own at the age of 15 and went to her mother's home. Later with the advice of her mother, she went to San Diego and got a job there. But she lost her job and became homeless at the age of 18. 

However, a year later she signed with the Atlantic Records and got her breaks through "Spirit." In 2003, she found out her own mother, Lenedra had mismanaged her finances. So, she legally separated from her mother and the two still remain estranged. 

Atz Kilcher with daughter Jewel in the set of Alaska: The Last Frontier (Photo:

Although Nedra couldn't forgive her mother, she reconciled with her father, Atz, who has grown up to be a different person now. 

Changes For Good, Life's Adventurous 

As of now, Atz is living a blissful life with his children and his second wife Bonnie Dupree. But the information on the couple's wedding remains confined. 

Nevertheless, he and his family members timely feature in Alaska: The Last Frontier and showcases their life. Their family bond is beautiful and the way Atz protects his cattle from other animals is praiseworthy.

Atz Kilcher with wife Bonnie in the set of Alaska: The Last Frontier (Photo:

But the adventurous life comes with a lot of risks and also mishappenings. One such instance is when Atz. Jr suffered a terrible accident that risked his life back in  2015. 

He fell off a cliff of Otter Cove during his hiking and got more than 20 bones fractured. His lungs were punctured and his ribs were crushed but after years of treatment, he recovered miraculously and returned back in the show.

The Kilcher family, all together, are estimated to have a net worth of $16 million dollars and they earn around $19,500 for a standard 13-episode every season. Atz alone has a net worth that accounts to be $5 million.