Jahking Guillory & His Girlfriend Welcome Their Baby

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Jahking Guillory & His Girlfriend Welcome Their Baby

Actor Jahking Guillory has already made the most of his life at the age of 21. Mostly known for his roles in the 2016 movie Kicks, he is doing very well for his age. He has a healthy love life with his beautiful girlfriend and progressing his career with every project.

Above all, despite missing core elements of a typical family, he is now happy with his partner. 

Keep scrolling to find out more about his dating life. 

Jahking Guillory's Girlfriend

Several news outlets, including Jahking's fans, were unaware of his love life. After all, he remained very private about his personal life and had kept it off from sharing details on his relationship status.

There was a time when no one suspected he had a girlfriend because he never shared anything about his love life on social media.

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He isn't the type of actor to flaunt every moment of his life on Instagram. However, that doesn't mean he has succeeded in covering up his love life.

It turns out that the young artist is dating a gorgeous entrepreneur named Kierra Guillory. Kierra runs her own business of eyelashes product line called Fairylllashes, which was in its starting phase.

Jahking Guillory's Girlfriend

Jahking Guillory and girlfriend Kierra take a mirror selfie on 24th September 2019 (Photo: Kierra's Instagram)

Although the pair were spotted together in a limited number of Kierra's posts, Jahking always commented on her post from time to time. But, the actor never announced his girlfriend on social media.  

However, things have changed now. Jahking is still not a fan of sharing his personal life on social media, but he has announced the birth of a daughter with his girlfriend, Kierra, on his Instagram. 

Jahking Guillory's Girlfriend and Daughter

Jahking with his girlfriend and daughter. (Photo: Instagram)

As Kierra removed all photographs of them together from her social media, everyone suspected they were breaking up. But instead, his fans were shocked when he announced he was having a baby. 

Even though Jahking posted his small family picture with his soon-to-be wife and daughter, he has not yet revealed his baby's face. 

If we look at Kierra's Instagram, we can see that she prefers to keep their daughter's identity hidden from the public.

By looking at the pictures, Jahking seems very happy with his family. However, things were different when he was a child.

Jahking Guillory's Family

Jahking - height 5 feet & 8 inches (1.7 meters) - is a native of Moreno Valley, Riverside County, California.

Until he was 12, he grew up in the shade of his father, Wayne Guillory, a native of Lousiana, and his mother, originally from Guam. Since his dad possesses African-American ethnicity, he has a mixed-race.

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After crossing 12, the On My Block actor's parents separated. But, the split thankfully didn't have a considerable effect on his upbringing as Jahking continued to be on good terms with both of his parents. 

Moreover, his niece, two nephews, and little sister look upto him as they all reside with his family.

In terms of education, the 21-year-old attained his college degree from Renaissance Art Academy after completing high school studies in his hometown. His family always supported him in his career.

Jahking Guillory's Career

Jahking has been active in the film industry since 2014, performing in several films and TV Series. So, it won't come as a surprise that he's doing well financially too. 

Although he hasn't disclosed his verified net worth yet, Jahking's habit of flaunting his prized possessions makes it evident that he is at his peak financially.

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In 2018, he posted a picture on Instagram showcasing his newly purchased BMW car. Likewise, the next year, he upgraded to a Mercedez model; by the looks of it, his purchase broke the bank.

He was recently seen as Billy in the TV series, Insecure

If we look at his Instagram, we can see that he is living his best life and enjoying his youth to the fullest.

We hope to hear wedding bells soon from his side. 

Stay tuned to get more updates on Jahking Guillory.