Is Ben Aldridge From 'Our Girl' Married? Relationship Status On & Off Camera

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Is Ben Aldridge From 'Our Girl' Married? Relationship Status On & Off Camera

British actor Ben Aldridge may have a lot of noted movies including Toast, First Light etc but he brought major of his fame home as the lead cast in the TV series, Our Girl

However, the series reportedly gave him a girlfriend too as he grew close to one of his co-worker during the shooting of the show which led to rumors of him being intimate with the actress.

But, the real truth might be a different story or the rumors stand true indeed?

Alleged Romance With Co-Worker, Husband Left Out

Captain Charles James in the series Our Girl, Ben Aldridge reportedly grew close with his co-star Michelle Keegan.

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On-screen married man, Ben was spotted hugging and joking around with Michelle on the set of the series, located in South Africa.

Ben hugs Michell on the sets of Our Girl (Photo:

While the pair was reportedly getting comfortable with each other, the rumors reached to the ears of Michelle's husband. Reports surfaced that Mark Wright, Michelle's husband of two years, felt left out after Michelle partied with Ben and other cast members to which he was not invited. 

However, a source mentioned that there was no jealousy in Mark and he was comfortable with his wife hanging out with her friends. The source talked to the Closer on the matter,

"Of course he's very trusting of Michelle and knows her friendships are all innocent, but he says he can't help feeling left out."

And, it was recently revealed that Ben and Michelle's relationship was solely based on friendship with no other emotions attached to the side. Further, the 32-year-old also defended Michelle when she was accused of looking too flawless on a war drama. In defense, Ben mentioned that she didn't even wear makeup on the sets.

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Ben and Michelle recently took their onscreen affair to a new level when they shot an intimate scene for the final episode of the fourth season of Our Girl. As Ben's character, Charlie visits a wounded Georgie (played by Michelle), the pair confessed their long-suppressed feeling for each other.

The much-anticipated sex scene was appreciated by viewers and even critics praised the chemistry shared by the onscreen couple. Further, all the major cast members were also killed off in the season finale and the new casts for the upcoming season are yet to be disclosed.

In the meanwhile, Michelle is still married to Mark, and the couple has no dispute over their marriage. But unlike Michelle, Ben seems absent in dating life as he has not been romantically linked with anyone. 

Non-Existent Girlfriend; Raises Curiosity About Sexuality

Reportedly single, Ben has kept his relationship hidden under wraps. Furthermore, he has no known history of a wife or even a committed girlfriend which has raised curiosity among fans whether the actor is secretly hiding his sexuality. 

Although the actor has never talked about being gay, there are some who believe that an absent dating life means he is a homosexual. However, the theory is under review and hasn't been proven to this day. 

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Further, many believe that as gay men are considered equals to straight people in modern society; he would have come out a long time ago if he was a queer. Ben's love life might not be as prosperous as his career; still, he has people in his life whom he loves and adores.

Soft Spot For Family; Love For Goddaughter To Siblings 

As for his family, Ben is close to them and has a soft spot in his heart for them. On 27 May 2016, he shared a picture along with mom clicked while the duo enjoyed their free time together.

Ben spends time with his mother on 27 May 2016 (Photo: Ben Aldridge's Instagram)

The Lark Rise to Candleford actor is also a proud godfather to his goddaughter and even featured her picture in one of his posts shared on 16 November 2016.

The actor further uploaded a photo along with his siblings and their respective families on 9 October 2017. Ben along with his siblings was spotted sharing smiles in the image. 

Ben poses with his siblings and their children on 9 October 2017 (Photo: Ben Aldridge's Instagram)

Ben is still a lovable brother and he cherishes his memories of growing up with his brothers and sisters. On 12 April 2018, he shared a throwback picture of his childhood along with his siblings and cousins and expressed his undying love for them.

Ben, who is an animal lover, has been recently appointed as the ambassador for the Send A Cow To Uganda With Love campaign which focusses on the well being of Ugandan farmers and general citizens. He even posted a tweet on 19 June 2018 urging fans to support and donate for the noble cause.