All You Need to Know about Ben Domenech, Who is Now Engaged to His Columnist Girlfriend Meghan McCain

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All You Need to Know about Ben Domenech, Who is Now Engaged to His Columnist Girlfriend Meghan McCain

Ben Domenech is the founder and the publisher of ‘The Federalist,’ who has now ascended to fame after he got engaged to “The View” co-host Meghan McCain. So let's get to know the man who successfully scored a place in Megan's heart!

About Ben Domenech: The Fiance of Megan McCain:

Born on December 31, 1981, Ben is an American conservative writer, television commentator, and blogger, who began his career in punditry in his teenage days.

Ben currently hosts The Federalist Radio Hour and also writes for the daily subscription newsletter ‘The Transom.’ He previously worked as an editor-in-chief of The City and the managing editor for health care policy at The Heartland Institute.

Ben, the thirty-five-years-old political commentator, has also co-hosted the award-winning economic podcast 'Coffee & Markets' and worked as a speechwriter for Tommy Thompson, the U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary.

Ben, who has co-founded the 'RedState' group blog, was hired as a blogger for 'The Washington Post' in the year 2006. However, he had to resign three days later, after his plagiarism accusations.

One of the blogs’ of Ben, which featured on the front page of 'The Washington Post' resembled with an article by Mr. Domenech in The New York Press. Likewise, a passage of Ben’s article seemed as if he copied it from a chapter of P. J. O'Rourke's book, "Modern Manners: An Etiquette Book for Rude People."

According to The New York Times-

“Other articles that contained passages that appeared to be copied were published in National Review Online, The New York Press and The Flat Hat, the student newspaper at the College of William and Mary, which Mr. Domenech attended.”

Furthermore, Ben’s writing has been published in 'GQ,' 'The Daily Beast,' 'Commentary,' 'The Wall Street Journal,' 'Politico,' and 'Reason.' Besides that, he regularly appears on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and CBS's Face The Nation as well.

Ben Domenech Engaged To His Columnist Girlfriend:

It seems that the wedding bells are ringing for Ben Domenech, as he recently got engaged to his columnist girlfriend, Meghan McCain. A source close to Meghan first confirmed her engagement to Us Weekly, saying that Meghan is all set to get married.

The source, however, didn’t disclose Ben as Meghan’s husband-to-be. Nevertheless, Ben later tweeted an article about the engagement with a caption “Love you bae,” which confirmed him as Meghan’s groom-to-be.

Though Ben had always been miles away in revealing his relationship status, Meghan used to talk about the dating affair several times in her verified social media accounts.

Meghan referenced her love life several times since early 2016 but never shared any images with her boyfriend. She even kept his identity a complete mystery! However, she posted the pictures of Ben’s homemade meals several times, which hinted him to be a good cook!

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Ben Domenech and Megan McCain!