Catherine Bell Ended Married Life with Husband! But The Ruins of it Are Beautiful

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Catherine Bell Ended Married Life with Husband! But The Ruins of it Are Beautiful

Who says divorce only brings out bitter feelings? Yes, divorce is definitely a harsh ending to marriage, but sometimes something good can come out of the separation.  

If you are still not convinced, let's pick the life of a famous actress and former model, Catherine Bell, who was previously married to screenwriter, Adam Beason. 

The divorce to more than a decade-long marriage might be the element of surprise for many, but Bell's post-divorce story serves as a perfect example for many to follow!

Who knows maybe you might find the inspiration you have been missing all this time. So, read the full story down below! 

Catherine Bell's Married Life! How It All Started

Catherine Bell is a former model and UK-born Iranian-American actress. She is widely known for her military movies like JAG (1995), Men of War (1994), and Army Wives (2007)

Film sets were not only a place to create heart touching scenes for the actress, but also a venue to meet her love for the first time.

She met Adam Beason while filming the 1992 film Death Becomes Her. Their meeting on a film set comes off without a surprise given that the actress has devoted her life to the movie world. 

Not more than two years later, the couple decided to level up their dating life. On May 8, 1994, Catherine got married to the boyfriend of two years, Adam Beason.

Soon, their love blossomed into a family when Bell gave birth to her first daughter, Gemma, on April 16, 2003. After almost seven years, Gemma announced the news of a second pregnancy. She expressed her happiness while talking to PEOPLE.

“I’m so excited to be having a baby boy. [Gemma] has been asking for a sibling for a long time. I’ll be sure to remind her of that when it’s time to change his diapers.”

Catherine gave birth to the second child, Ronan in 2010. Ronan was a healthy child with the measurements of 7 lbs., 7 oz. weight, 19 ¾ inches length, who added more happiness to the family. 

Catherine Bell's Divorce!  Ruins of Divorce Turned Beautiful!

Sadly, cracks seemed to appear in Catherine's family. They became more visible after she divorced her husband of 17 years in 2011. The divorce was completed in September 2015. 

Catherine, who enjoys the net worth of $35 million, sold her Calabasas home in the divorce settlement process. For the couple who shared 17 years of memory, two children, and a production company together, it was a bitter thing to handle.

However, Catherine seems to be an exception for saving post-divorce bitterness. As many thought that her split would affect the workspace too, especially the production company, they were surprised when Catherine maintained a good partnership with Adam to run it as smoothly as ever. The couple's approach surely serves as an inspiration for many.

The strong-willed Catherine did not stop her works even after the divorce. Bell’s representative explained the after-divorce situation as,

“They remain great friends. They’re committed to raising their two children together.”

Since 2012, she lived with her girlfriend, Brooke Daniells, a Scientologist, in Los Angeles. Bell was fond of Scientology from the beginning, as she appeared in a Scientology music video called United in February 2006. Bell underwent plastic surgery, was frequently subjected to rumours, and there was obviously that divorce, which could have collectively contributed to her growing interest in the faculty. 

Caption - Catherine Bell attending the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre's 34th Annual Anniversary Gala on August 2, 2003, in California

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The former model, who was known for her gorgeous body measurements, is currently practising as a Scientologist. She has previously supported Scientology’s Hollywood Education and Literacy Project and attested to attaining the Scientology state of Clear.