Charlamagne Tha God Married His Girlfriend But Still Avoids Any Media Attention

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Charlamagne Tha God Married His Girlfriend But Still Avoids Any Media Attention

No wonder all of us live our personal and professional life. Some of us love blending them together while some of us like keeping our private life away from our profession.

Likewise, not every celebrity loves sharing their private life with public. American radio presenter and television personality, Charlamagne Tha God also falls under the category of the celebrities who avoids media attention when it comes to his personal life. Charlamagne, 36, is said to be married. However, he hasn’t revealed more information about it. Today, let’s try to pull the curtains behind his personal life.

Charlamagne Married To a Mysterious Women:

Charlamagne is reportedly married though there is no news about his alleged wife. He is said to be married to his girlfriend of sixteen years. In an interview with Xo Nicole, in October last year, Charlamagne revealed that his 7-Year-Old Daughter convinced him to tie the knot with his high school love. He said-

“You have to show your kids love. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to get married. Me and the mother of my kids have been together since high school. When you have your seven-year-old daughter asking why you and mommy don’t have the same last name, that affects you as a man. It made me think, ‘Well, why don’t we? What’s stopping me from taking that next step?’”

Above all, Charlamagne has once mentioned about his wife on Twitter.

Though his news regarding his married life has never made into the limelight, we can surely say that he is a married man with two beautiful daughters. The elder one is seven years old, and the younger one is four-month-old. 

However, the name of his wife and children is still a mystery. He has kept his wife and children off the social media. He believes that it is absurd to raise kids through social networking sites and posting the picture related to the kids is insane and due to which social media is not involved in the growing phase of his children, as in his statement he said;

“First of all, I’m not raising my kids via social media. I never felt like that was a place for my family to be. I don’t knock anyone who does it, but I don’t want my family on Facebook or Twitter. That’s something I chose not to do.”

Likewise, the news of Charlamagne being gay also surfaced a lot in the social media as Charlamagne has posted a video of him dancing on Rihanna song with a rather awkward move. And right after that, the video went viral, and many people claimed him to be gay.


This how all these chicks going to be dancing to new Rihanna.......

A video posted by Charlamagne Thagod (@cthagod) on

However, many of his fans supported and argued that he is straight by sexuality as he was only having fun dancing to Rihanna songs and Charlamagn also did not bother to clear the rumors as it was totally fake news. And having had a lovely family the gay news has no ground to stand.

Successful Professional Career:

Charlamagne, who grew up as a radio junkie first worked for free on Wendy Williams. Initially, he wanted to be a rapper but ended as a radio presenter. After facing many failures, Charlamagne has now established himself as one of the brutally honest and outspoken rhetoric. He has been fired for four times from various radio positions.

After learning from those experiences, Charlamagne has become what he is today.  Being one of the outspoken hosts of “The Breakfast Club” which airs on Power 105.1, Charlamagne enjoys a wonderful salary which eventually makes the net worth of $2 million. He currently appears as a cast member with Lil Duval on MTV2’s comedy television show called Guy Code and on MTV2 show Charlamagne & Friends.