Dean Cain Fought For Son With Ex-Girlfriend; Thinking To Get Married With The Perfect Wife?

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Dean Cain Fought For Son With Ex-Girlfriend; Thinking To Get Married With The Perfect Wife?

TV Superman, Dean Cain was once the heartthrob of many girls around the globe, and you can hardly argue that he has lost his magic now. He is known to be someone who has earned a tremendous amount of respect and success through his work in hs professional career. But how many of you know that he has had quite the list of girlfriends in his life and also has a son with one of them. Let us take a stroll down memory lane see through his life.

Dean Cain's Battle with His Ex-Girlfriend for the Son:

Dean Cain shares a son with one of his girlfriends, Samantha Torres who was once a leading model in the industry. Dean and Samantha started dating in 1999 and welcomed a son in 2000, Christopher Dean Cain who is named after Cain's adoptive father.

Although the fact resides that Cain and his son live together happily, it was not like this forever as he was once made to battle to have the custody of his son.

Cain, who has been raising his son solo since 2011 said,

“Ultimately, we just disagreed on the best way to raise Christopher.”

The custody was first awarded jointly in 2003 but Cain got it totally during 2011.  

Originally awarded joint custody with Torres in 2003, when his son was just 2, Cain assumed sole custody in 2011, with a judge accepting the couple’s agreement to raise Christopher in one household. “Stability-wise, this is what’s best for him,” says the actor. 

Cain says the two are now on better, if still tense, terms. “Christopher sees his mom as much as he wants,” says Cain. “But she’s got her hands full, and he’s got a stable place with me.”

Cain who is not fazed to raise his son solo said in an interview that his son is his favorite person in the world and he loves him with all his heart.

“He’s my favorite person on the whole planet.” 

“He’s going to have to fight to stop me from kissing him.” 

The long list of ladies in the life of "Superman."

Previously, Dean Cain was engaged to a country singer Mindy McCready. The two started their relationship in 1997 and announced their engagement in September the same year. However, the plans for their first wedding could not lead to fruition as the relationship between them ended, The main reason being  Mindy's aggressive behavior and lies.

Caption: Mindy and Cain were once engaged in 1997 before imploding a year later. 

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Moreover, Cain was also linked with Brooke Shields back in 2014, when Brooke revealed that Cain was the one to take her virginity. Shield and Cain were classmates and Shield revealed in her memoir that she lost her virginity to Cain when she was 22.  Shields revealed in her memoir, 

'He was incredibly and painfully patient with me regarding sex,' 

'I made him wait and wait and my mom kept track.'

Caption: Cain reportedly took Shields' virginity when she was 22.

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While talking on the subject, Cain expressed,

'Brooke was a very big part of my life, and I'm honored to have been a part of her life,'

Previously, Dean Cain portrayed a gay role in the movie " The Broken Hearts Club," that raised speculations regarding his sexuality, thereby assuming him to be a gay. But his involvement with several ladies in the past and present is a general giveaway of his sexuality.

Caption; Dean Cain gay kiss in The Broken Hearts Club.

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A new lady: Girlfriend and Dating!

Cain was made famous for Olympic hero Rebecca Adlington’s marriage breaking down when the two were suspiciously linked somehow. Rebecca and Cain were fellow contestants in Channel 4 show "The Jump" and rumors hit everyone as Cain became a constant shoulder for Rebecca to cry on, when she was ruled out of the competition after unfortunately dislocating her shoulder. 

Some sources stated,

“Becky’s friendship with Dean may have contributed to the split. They grew close while filming The Jump in Austria. Being away from Harry for such a long time made things strained too."

“At the show’s wrap party they spent the whole night chatting away together, it was as if no-one else was in the room. Everyone on the show knew how close friends they had become by the end of it.”

But no further evidence surfaced the media, so the truth still remains a mystery.

However, if you follow Cain properly, you might know that he is indeed looking for someone to get married to and call him his perfect wife. Ladies, take note!

Born on July 31, 1966, in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, USA, Dean Cain is a famous American actor and a TV personality of quarter Japanese ethnicity, best known to be the TV Superman. He is also famous for his role in  Beverly Hills, 90210 and he has also been a part of several other successful projects.

The love for his work he has is immense and he is hard working as well as dedicated. The dedication he has put forth in his career has paid him good dividend which is evident in his splendid net worth of $6 million.