Does The Mixed Ethnicity Actor Elyes Gabel Possess A Girlfriend Or Is He A Married Man?

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Does The Mixed Ethnicity Actor Elyes Gabel Possess A Girlfriend Or Is He A Married Man?

Aspiring actor Elyes Gabel has been able to conquer many hearts with his on-screen performances. So it's natural for people to be interested in his off-screen life as well. 

So is Elyes Gabel in a relationship with a girlfriend? Or prefers a boyfriend instead? Let's dig in.

Gabel's Sexuality and Relationship History: 

Being the good looking person that Elyes Gabel is, he is bound to have plenty of individuals attracted towards him, be it male or female. But all the male fans who have been dreaming of him might want to look away as he is less likely to be a gay. 

Elyes, the Dr. Gupreet Sandhu of series "Casualty," was previously dating an American actress, singer, and songwriter, Katharine McPhee. The couple's dating was first confirmed in August 2014 when they were photographed kissing each other.

Caption: Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel spotted having some time together outside the sets of Scorpion, Aug 2014. 


During their relationship, they made people understand the true meaning to love as they were spotted numerous times having fun with each other, which is essential in a relationship. 

While filming their CBS series in July 2015, the duo was spotted sharing hugs and kisses between the takes. Both looked happy while they dipped in the ocean and shared smooches simultaneously.

But after nearly two years of dating, the pair split in June 2016, which was heartbreaking for their fans. But lightening can strike twice, can’t it? The pair might be back together as per their recent post on Instagram where they are spotted having fun in the pool together, that raises a speculation that the pair might be back together setting aside their past issues.

This act creates for the individuals who are speculating Elyes to a married man, we wish to clarify that he is still a bachelor, that puts out the question of him having a wife.

Born on the 8th of May, 1983, Gabel is a mixed ethnicity British actor with an Indian and Tunisian descent. Best known for his roles in Casualty, Game of Thrones, Identity, and Waterloo Road, he has also made a remarkable appearance in numerous movies and shows. His dedication and hard work served him well, which is evident through his net worth, which is estimated to be $2 million.