Douglas Murray Gay, Family, Net Worth

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Douglas Murray Gay, Family, Net Worth

Douglas Murray is as divisive of a figure in British politics as they make. For instance, he regularly draws criticism for unsavory rhetorics against the religion of Islam while openly embracing his gay (minority) identity.

A neo-conservative by admission, the controversial journo/author identifies as an atheist. It's these unique quirks and contrasting right-wing ideologies that make him an intriguing individual.

Age, Family, Ethnicity & Nationality

39-year-old Douglas was born in the year 1979 to a civil servant mother and a school teacher father. Coming from a family of four, he spent his formative years in Scotland alongside his brother.

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Because of his father's Scottish lineage, The Wall Street Journal columnist holds Scottish nationality. Also, given his family background, he probably identifies as belonging to Caucasian (part Celtic and part English) ethnicity.

Height & Education

A shrewd thinker from an early age, Douglas excelled at both education and extracurricular activities while growing up.

Following his stint at the West Bridgford School, he recieved a prestigious musical scholarship at St Benedict's School. Continuing on his educational trajectory, he then attended Eton College at Oxford University.

From one Oxford institution to another, The Spectator journalist - who stands beyond the 5 feet and 8 inches (1.72 m) mark in height - also studied English at the Magdalen College.

After university though, he shelved his broadcasting aspiration and wrote a play called Nightcall.

His Net Worth

Douglas' career as an author began when he penned a biography of Lord Alfred Douglas. At the time, he was 19 and a second-year student at Oxford.

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Veering away from the content of his debut book, the author-turned-political commentator released politically-charged writings with Neoconservatism: Why We Needed It in 2006. His rhetorics made him the de facto leader of the Neoconservatism literary movement.

Subsequent books such as Bloody Sunday, Islamophilia: a Very Metropolitan Malady and The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam further propelled him to the celebrity status.

Douglas Murray(left) interviewing Roger Scruton for The Spectator circa 2019 (Photo:-

Besides publishing his writings on some of Britain's most prominent publications, Douglas also uses broadcasting - TV more specific - to both promote and defend his Neoconservatism as well as Christian Atheism ideologies.

Although accurate numbers on his income evade public knowledge, insiders argue that he boasts over a seven-figure sum in net worth. Book deals and royalty from book sales contribute heavily to his ever-so-growing net worth.

Openly Gay Journo's Partners

Even with his deep-seated conservative beliefs, Douglas remains true to his core and identity as an openly gay man.

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Though greedy with his partners' names, the celebrated author never shies away from calling out the detractors of gay marriage. Be it religious groups or British establishments; he doesn't refrain from criticizing them if they don't align with his ethics.

Tackling the very matter in his 2013 piece for The Spectator, Douglas - albeit in a much calmer tone - wrote:-

"I respect some opponents of gay marriage. But, it has always seemed to me that once you accept that homosexuality exists, there is no decent non-religious reason not to permit equal civil rights, including civil marriage."

By contrast, earlier that year, he had reserved for a harsher tonality while criticizing English media personality, Katie Price's union with partner Kieran Hayler.