Duhitzmark Wiki: His Birthday, Age, Real Name, And His Possible Dating Affair

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Duhitzmark Wiki: His Birthday, Age, Real Name, And His Possible Dating Affair

How often have we seen "Musical.ly" app introduce a new and rising star? Well, lots of times! This app has helped many young and talented artists rise to fame through their contribution on the app.

One of those stars to get rewarded with fame by this app is Duhitzmark, who has 4.5 million musical.ly fans. But there is more to know about him other than just his popularity on the app; that is his life beyond the app.

Well, if that is what you are looking for, then you might just find what you're seeking here, as today we present you with Duhitzmark's wiki-like bio, which includes his real name, his age and his possible dating affair.

Who is Duhitzmark? Everything You'd LIke To Know About Him:

Duhitzmark, whose real name is Mark Thomas, is an internet sensation; known to be an Instagram and musical.ly star with 2.9 million followers on Instagram and over 4.5 million fans on musical.ly. 

He also has over 565,000 followers on Twitter, and despite being registered on Twitter since January 2012, he refrained from tweeting till February 2015. 

This young sensation, who is just 16 in age, celebrates his birthday on the 29th of March and was born in 2001.

But his age does not define the volume of talent he has, and his 2016 singles like "Selfie" and "Mistletoe," speak for themselves as to how skilled and gifted he is when it comes to his singing prowess.

Caption: Try Not To Sing Challenge: Mark Thomas. (Published on Feb 2, 2017)

Duhitzmark has also collaborated on musical.ly videos with several other internet sensations like Loren Gray, Jackson Krecioch,  Zach Clayton, and Nathan Triska. 

He featured the beautiful Kelianne Stankus in a musical.ly entitled "I Thought I Recognized Her."

And did you know, his signing ability enabled him to showcase his talent to the entire world in an entirely different manner when he was given a chance to tour back in 2016?

He joined other Internet stars like Loren Gray, 5Quad, and Flamingeos, over the summer tour on the TLG tour; the fans went berserk over it.

The tour enabled him to know how much he is loved and he then dropped an EP this year called "Down For a While."

He also was a part of the Digi tour, which happened from April 1 through May 5 this year.

That surely made his parents proud, who he has been discreet about thus far, except on the social medias.

Well, he may not reveal his parents' identity exactly, it is known that he has an elder sister named Mullaney Christine Thomas.

Is Duhitzmark Dating Anyone? A Girlfriend?

There are plenty of girls dreaming of Duhitzmark, and that is not a surprise at all given his popularity and his equally charming looks. But those girls and the entire media have been wondering if he already has someone in his life.

Well, for those who are willing to date him might have their hopes strengthened once they have a look at the things he has formerly tweeted about his love life.

So does this mean he is single?

He might as well be single, but this is just a tweet and not the end truth; something he is yet to confirm yet.

So let us hope Duhitzmark, who stands over 1.65 m in height, kills the silence regarding his love life soon.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Duhitzmark or Mark Thomas!