All You Need to Know About Egypt Sherrod: Her Parents, Husband, Ethnicity and Weight Loss Info

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All You Need to Know About Egypt Sherrod: Her Parents, Husband, Ethnicity and Weight Loss Info

Egypt Sherrod is an accomplished TV personality. She has a lot of fans after doing the TV series ‘Property Virgins’ for 5 years as a house realtor and interior expert but what about her personal life. All her fans know a little or something about her professional career, but nobody has information about her personal life. Learn all that there is about her personal life.

You must know many things about her but don’t know a lot when it comes to personal information. If you were hoping to get to know her better, you’ve come to the right place. Who is her husband? What about children? And also find out about her parents.

Married Life and Husband:

Radio and TV personality Egypt Sherrod got married to her fiance, Mike Jackson on September 11, 2010. The couple was dating since 2005 as she mentions in the tweet of November 2009 that it was their fourth anniversary and also her fiance's birthday.

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On their wedding day at West Mount Country Club, Egypt's smokey eye with frosted lips makeup and romantic hair curls was styled by Tamara Delbridge and Traci Washington. She walked down the aisle with the strapless, mermaid styled wedding gown showing her curved body figure.

Mike said in his wedding vow,

“She brought me closer to God,” She just makes me stronger with that feeling. It’s easier for me to speak about the spirit now.” So, just by that, we can tell that they are a really good couple. Here is a picture of them together to show what I mean.

Egypt Sherrod and husband Mike from their wedding day on September 11, 2010 (Photo:

Though not much information about Egypt's husband has been veiled he is reported to be a skilled cook. Maybe that is the very thing Egypt is trying to say by posting a picture on her Instagram account wearing a T-shirt with the following message.

Her Children:

The couple has one 4-year-old daughter together, but she also loves her 14-year-old stepdaughter dearly. The family looks perfect in their pictures together like this one.

Egypt Sherrod with husband Mike and daughter (Photo: Egypt Sherrod's Instagram)

The parents of a beautiful daughter are eagerly for their second child together. She announced her pregnancy on 25 July 2018 showing her small baby bump on Instagram mentioning she has something to share with her audience.

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Confirming the news of their second child, her husband, Mike mesmerized the moments with his third child within 5 or 6 months. He also mentioned that he is frequently asked if he needs a boy in which he answers he just need a healthy baby. He took to Instagram on 12 August 2018, to announce the arrival of his second child with Egypt and expressed his impatient nature to welcomed the baby.

Her Parents:

Now, let’s talk about the most important members of her life that are her parents. There is not much info about them even in her bio. But her Instagram account has some of their pictures. They appear to be of African-American ethnicity just like her. She also took to Instagram in September 2016 where the bird landed on her mother during their vacation to Rome.

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There are many more members of her family like her 5 dogs. When she is not with her family, she loves to go to the gym.  "It was my New Year’s resolution," she mentioned in a statement she gave to on 2015 she said;

 "Every day, no matter what, I’m in the gym." 

Maybe she would like to get fit, or she is targeting a weight loss but in any motive, lives a healthy life.

Egypt Sherrod's Short Bio:

Egypt Sherrod was born on November 16, 1976, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She comes from a family of property investors, agents, and brokers but still chose the field of Broadcast Journalism for her education. She has a grand net worth estimated at least 2 million dollars.

Speaking of the present, she has guest starred in many TV series this year. She has appeared in ‘Hollywood Health Reporter,' ‘Brother Vs Brother’ as well as ‘Good Morning America in 2016. As of now, she lives in her Atlanta's house with her husband and children which she has renovated with the elegant furnishings with beautifully restored and bargained antiques.