Ella Rodriguez All Settled with Boyfriend and Family; At Just 22!

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Ella Rodriguez All Settled with Boyfriend and Family; At Just 22!

When two people are in love and devoted to each other, age becomes a mere number. Being able to find that one person you can settle down with is a blessing. While it takes a significant amount of time for some people to acquire that,  Ella Rodriguez, a social media star, has proved it otherwise.

The young entrepreneur and social media influencer is a mother of a beautiful baby girl and is all settled with her boyfriend. The couple is slaying their relationship and setting some positive relationship goals.

Without any further delay, let's take a look at the life of the 22-year-old Ella Rodriguez.

Ella Rodriguez's Bio:

Ella Rodriguez is an Instagram star and a young entrepreneur. She goes by the name of Ella Bandz has 550,000 followers on her Instagram. The star is also the founder of the eyelash company named "Slay by Ella."

But we are not here to talk about her professional achievements. The gorgeous 22-year-old has quite an exciting personal life. She has a beautiful daughter named Melody Valentine DuBose with her boyfriend Artist DuBose.

Being an Instagram star herself, she has also taken the liberty to make an account for her daughter, which has managed to grab 109k followers. Ella handles her account, and she shared the cutest picture of her baby girl because of which people couldn't stop gushing about her cuteness. Baby Melody's Instagram is just too adorable to handle. 


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The family of three is setting some serious relationship goals out to the world. Take a look at their family.


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Ella and DuBose are very much in love, and their pictures and captions say it all. The Instagram star celebrates her birthday on January 23 every year. And her boyfriend treats her like it's her birthday almost every day.


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She also went on the record to talk about having trust issues in the past but now considers that her issue has been resolved after finding the love of her life: DuBose.

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She is one lucky lady. Well, both of them are!

The details of her past affair and the reason for her trust issue before DuBose have not been disclosed, nor is there any rumor regarding her boyfriend Dubose's previous relationships.

Well, the faltered trust was all in the past, anyway. For now, Ella has a beautiful present to live in and an incredible future to look to. And, perhaps, Melody will have siblings to guide in the future, we never know.