ESPN's Hottie Jaymee Sire is Still Single: No Husband! Boyfriend Rumors? Married Plans?

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ESPN's Hottie Jaymee Sire is Still Single: No Husband! Boyfriend Rumors? Married Plans?

Fond of exotic talent and food lover? While talking about her, we might be jealous of her versatility which is undoubtedly impressive. The person we are discussing here as our subject of interest is Jaymee Sire, one of the leading ladies in the media. So our concern was likely to grow much more.

Boyfriend and Dating?

According to some sources and what we saw in the pictures, she is dating and is in a relationship with Philip Dauria, a photo editor for ESPN. Her boyfriend Philip is the associate photo editor for ESPN. She is dating with Dauria for an extended period.

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A New Years kiss on Jan 1st of 2014.


What up, 2014

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Sire is supported by her boyfriend in her food blog so she can expand it very quickly. She shares her photos and some photos of mouth-watering foods but pictures with her boyfriend; not so much. She hasn't even mentioned anything about getting married till now.

Married Life, Husband and Divorce Rumors?

However, there has not been any news about  her marriage or engagement so the talk of divorce is useless here. She has kept everything so low profiled these days, we do not even know if she is still with her boyfriend or has already made him her husband. Well, we now know about her love life and it time to know more about her.

She loves to travel much and enjoy with the variety of continental tastes and also, Sire is a self-proclaimed foodie. She has her own food blog, even has a sandwich named after her: the Jaymee Sirewich.  We can also find Sire in her own food blog because she has been upgraded herself after  she got her name in a sandwich. 

The review towards her food blog, Jaymee Sirewich:

I'm giving it a 3 star regarding the 30 mins wait for 3 sandwiches. My hot sandwiches weren't even hot anymore. And the fact that there were no lines what so ever when we arrived between 1045-11am. Other than that, I love Jaymee Sirewich!! Sooooo good!

After being indecisive for the entire wait, I ended up choosing the Jaymee Sirewich  that is filled with fried chicken, Ike's yellow BBQ, pepper jack cheese, and ranch dressing. I wanted the Dutch Crunch bread as you're expected to do, but of course, they were out. We waited to eat our sandwiches at home, since, as you know, there's no space there.

Her lists of achievements are seemingly endless, and her status as one of the top sports anchor in the business.

Jaymee Inspires Youth to Aim High:

However, if you wish to know more about her, has piled up information about her with pictures for the sake of Jaymee's fans but any news about her marriage plans are unavailable. We guess, we'll just have to wait more patiently for it.

When we stalked her on her Instagram, she was all about having fun with her female friends as she was not seen frequently with any male group. Like we can see in this picture, she has quite a large group of girls; beautiful girls.


Adult summer camp, AKA off day at the #LLWS yesterday. Thankful my 11 days in Williamsport are with these lunatics.

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Jaymee Sire's Short Bio:

Jaymee Sire was born on August 25, 1980, and currently, ages 35 years old. She is a graduate of Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at Washington State University. Sire started her career at Comcast SportsNet Bay Area where she worked as an anchor/reporter.

 Later she moved to KFMB in San Diego where she received the Pacific Southwest Emmy Award for Best Sports Story in 2007 and prior that, she won the prestigious Judith Waller Award for Outstanding Senior Woman in Broadcasting, in 2002.

 Jaymee is currently serving as a Sportscaster for ESPN where she anchors SportsCentre: AM.