FaZe Censor And His Weather Anchor Girlfriend; Proudly Shared Dating Moments With Fans

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FaZe Censor And His Weather Anchor Girlfriend; Proudly Shared Dating Moments With Fans

When two people share a relation, then the foremost thing about the relationship would be the memories they make and cherish throughout their life. And it seems like one of the World’s best Call of Duty players is making it all with his hot weather anchor girlfriend, Yarnet Garcia. 

Their relationship has landed on the headlines. Let’s see how these two fascinating personalities of the internet had shared their dating moments on the networking sites.

‘Easy on the eye’ moments shared by Faze Censor with his girlfriend:

The eSports player who is a two-time national champion has been in a relationship with the lady who is the internet sensation, Yarnet Garcia. This news of the two dating had hit the headlines the year in 2015.

In years, Faze Censor has done it all for his girlfriend. Sometimes he gives surprise on the live forecast and sometimes and sometimes he gives her surprise on her birthday. He knows how to make his girl special.

Caption: Faze Censor surprised his girlfriend on Live TV, posted on August 4, 2014.

In addition to that, we are also no new to the posts of them together, sharing moments of their relationship. On the very occasion of Valentine’s day, Faze Censor shared a post with his girl which reads,

“Happy Valentine’s Day! I Love You.”

Both of them are very famous in respective YouTube channel. They always have shared their incredible love with their fans. And they are also one of a favorite couple of all time.


My crazy Mexican ?

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Awww, they do look great together.


She said that she got me nothing for Christmas so I pushed her off this ledge ????

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In a nutshell, they have publicized their love life all over Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and they are loved by many too for their unconditional love for each other, and the bonding they share is too hard to miss.

Well! We would like to see this happening couple move forward with their relationship as they are 'Relation Goal' of many of their fans.

More about Faze Censor:

The director of Faze Clan, born as Doug Martin (a.k.a Faze Censor) was born in New York on August 21, 1994. The professional gamer who has played several professional gaming teams which include Quantic, Team EnVy, Strictly Business and Prophecy began his career from an early age. 

Before fame, he used to play the Nintendo classics. He has made up large online following playing games which must have resulted in an impressive net worth too.

The eSports player made electric gaming more convenient to many and has inspired many of his fans too.

Caption: Faze Censor inspires his fan who cannot use his both hands for gaming, posted on Nov 18, 2014.

Faze Censor is followed by many. People had shared many of their perspective regarding his body and haircuts in different YouTube channel. And here’s one from The Saloon Guy who has suggested a haircut for Faze Censor.

Caption: Haircut suggested for Faze Censor, posted on Jul 7, 2016.

That was about his haircut but what about his well-toned body. Faze Censor as a ‘fitness enthusiast’ that part of his is admired by many. He has constantly posted his six packs, and also he has shared his before and after workout videos on his youtube channel.

Caption: Want to know the reason behind the well-toned body? Check out his workout routine, posted on Feb 9, 2015.

The fan list of Faze Censor is quite long which is evident to his figure of 1.1m followers on Instagram and 980k followers on Twitter.