Openly Gay Comedian Julian Clary's Now Officially Married To His Longtime Partner Ian!

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Openly Gay Comedian Julian Clary's Now Officially Married To His Longtime Partner Ian!

We all came to know how Gio Benitez married his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario and now are sharing a blissful married life. Similarly, the wedding bells have rung, and rings are shining on the ring fingers as Julian Clary, an openly gay comedian is now officially married to his longtime partner Ian.

Couple Reveled Their Marriage In The Sweetest Way!

Early this November Julian Clary got married to his love; his long time boyfriend Ian Mackley, an advertising executive and now, both are husbands to each other. The 57 years old tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony and later gave a glimpse of the wedding on his Twitter.

Julian took the news about getting married to his Twitter account in a joking way as he had captioned,

“On Saturday he slipped his finger into my ring at last.”

The picture was showing Julian and his partner Ian, clad in formal suits with floral corsages. Julian was signing the marriage register, and Ian was just leaning over Julian to see it.

The couples got married after dating for over a decade after they met for the first time on a yacht in Ibiza in 2005. Julian had already revealed his plans on getting married if Ian would ask him while promoting his book ‘The Bolds’ last year. He said,

"I shall wait until he asks me. We do talk about it, but we are happy as we are - we didn't even do a civil partnership. But I am definitely spoken for in that department and we don’t go in for any of that open nonsense. Life is ­complicated enough. The idea of that big day, and everyone there, I don't know, maybe one day, if we're in the mood.”

Congratulations were overflowing on his Twitter reveal by many of his fellow comedian friends and fans. The couple is currently residing in the 15th-century manor in Aldington Kent.

Loss of a Boyfriend:

Julian, who is all happy and settled right now, was not the same in his past years. He suffered a loss of his boyfriend Christopher in the early 90s from aids. In an interview with The Sun, Julian revealed that he was once a victim of anxiety attacks and was addicted to prescription drugs such as Valium; all followed by the death of the man he referred to as his soul mate.

He also explained that caring moments of his seriously ill then-boyfriend for nine months was a privilege for him, he said;

“He was very ill, and I was looking after him, but he was very cheerful about it – he used to laugh a lot.”

he further added;

“There was something in his nature to laugh. We’d been to a hospital appointment and he asked them how long and they said six months and he just laughed because it seemed so unbelievable.

and ending this statement he said;

“In fact, he lived for nine months, so they were wrong. That was quite important to him.”

With such unforgettable past, Julian has now moved on to become a man who is all about happiness and is currently working on Trouser Bar but will always be known for Sticky Moments with Julian Clary.