Hayley McQueen Might Just Get Married To Her Boyfriend; Their Relationship Is That Perfect!

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Hayley McQueen Might Just Get Married To Her Boyfriend; Their Relationship Is That Perfect!

Sky Sports star, Hayley McQueen, who is also the daughter of former Leeds United, Manchester United and Scotland footballer, Gordon McQueen is lucky in love!

Her dating affair with her boyfriend seems so perfect and downright that their wedding announcement might come sooner than expected. People are hyped about the romance they share and are willing to know if there reside any chances of them escalating their relationship shortly.

If you're hyped to know that as well, then you've hit the right place!

Hayley McQueen's Could Soon Get Married To Her Boyfriend:

Hayley McQueen has been a lucky lady to be blessed with a perfect boyfriend. She has been dating Kirk Newmann since they got together during November of 2015. And their relationship looks splendid!

Since their union, the duo has been grabbing huge media attention, as their romance is capable of making you awestruck!


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Previously, Kirk took over his Instagram to wish Hayley on the occasion of their first anniversary of getting together. He even calls Hayley his best friend and family!


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They even make several public appearances together, and their smile speaks of their relationship a lot.


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These two have been giving relationship goals to many out there, and they might as well escalate their relationship getting married. However, the two have not yet revealed any such plans, which is why the anticipation is killing the wellwishers of this extraordinary companionship. 

And did you know, Hayley has often been rumored to be pregnant over in the internet world?

But Hayley has not come forth and officially affirmed those rumors, which is why the rumors remain baseless!

Moreover, there were some speculations that Hayley has gained some weight in recent time, as people feel like she is looking somewhat different in body shape and size. 

Caption: Hayley McQueen's weight gain looks evident!

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Regardless of what people say, the weight has added extra charm to already beautiful Hayle McQueen!